Beyond the dark

The edge of the forgotten

I continue on… over… past…

Crossing the withering stream

Of my ambition

I find the other side looks

No different

My precious words

Sunk like pebbles in the

Black abyss below

Shall I dive in?

Collect them and save them

From what?

There will be more, they say

You will find them again, they say

Your time will come

They say

But the dark water below

Holds onto all my secrets

All my plans and dreams and hopes

All my lies and defeat and guilt

All my inspiration

All my intangible love

Maybe I’m too scared

To do anything

But cross

Maybe this bridge is only that

Part of my path

And stepping off is simply

Walking into the future

But oh, how the sun rises

At my back

The side I came from

Lit by the magic and beauty

Of everything I used to be

Don’t look back

Just cross


That everything

Has it’s time

And the sun that rises




Joie de Vivre

Sunrise in Ptuj by snupi2001 via
Sunrise in Ptuj by snupi2001 via

for a lifetime, comfort has been the best I could achieve

but here, and now, I wonder
is this joy?

the joy of life

is it real or a complicated fiction
frothing about in my brain?

inside my love tent, twinkling along with the lights
nestled against the solidity of your reality
dusted with all of my own words and wishes

the nano-angels battling for my sanity

is this a victory celebration?

right here
right now

I have the world at my fingertips

sunrise in all directions
a ravenous feast
warming my skin and lips
and feeding my
broken heart

but the sun will set eventually

the demons will assault me

forgive me
if I sometimes let them win

then remind me

that the sun always rises
the end.


image: this must be underwater love  by siibel via
this must be underwater love
by siibel via

I wondered if
you felt it too
that tidal moon
leaving us both
bereft of the drink
stimulates and
you do your daily chores
keeping up the
the thirst
am I changing?
turning to vinegar
that honey wine
by all of the
bitter pills
I force myself to swallow
each day
perhaps it is me
forever changing
my heart
and my head
never quite in sync
but always
seeking something
to settle upon
searching for something
to give me
to keep me from
into the blackened acid
of my death
I am a fixer
embroidered deep
upon my soul
but I cannot fix
what I cannot reach
have I spiraled too far?
can the sun save the moon?
with only minutes
to gaze at her
every night?
the moon must save
don’t let me pull you in
as I drown
in the angry dark
of forever