Morgennebel by rattus_bavariae via

When the sky falls
You pull me near
My umbrella
My savior
My hope
Holding onto me
So tight
Holding me up
When I feel like
I am the sky
Burdened by the
Weight of the sun
And responsible
For feeding
The world
You remind me
I’m only a girl
Your girl
And my obligation
Is simply to rest
In your arms
Until the storm
And a new day
Kisses my lips
Infusing me
With strength
To try
Push through
Another day
So that i can be
Held again
Saved again
Each night
And every morning

lost mother

you won’t
know the cold
until it grips you
from the inside
the freeze dried
madness of loss
here we all are
children of the
but always blindsided
by mortality
if God is with us
where is his comfort?
how does his plan
for tiny babies
without mommies
make any rational
why does faith leave
in these moments
when we need it
I pray, just the same
give my tears to
the wind
and beg for them to
bless the wings
of a new angel
but my heart breaks
and bleeds
for the lives she’s left

can she protect them
from her new home
in God’s kingdom?


Woman reflected on water by Peter Heeling

the weight of want
closing on all sides
pinning me beneath
the very wishes
I make in the dark
drifting upon a sea of
tears spent in vain
before sleep finally silences
the ever present
cascade of demands
a beautiful life
joyful in its breadth
but burdened
by the limits of
more pressure
simple in its requirements
but complicated
in its rewards
if I fight against
it’s grip
swimming into
the dark, lonely waters
of ambition
I could drown before
reaching those golden
shores beyond
if I turn away
I might learn to enjoy
the strength of the
raft beneath my feet
and his embrace, the
warm comfort of life
by us

shouldn’t that
be enough

after all


Hot air balloon by Peter Heeling

adrift over the sea of life
aimless but consistent
in my effervescent rise
and ever present fall
the world never quite looks
as pretty up close
so I float
in the clouds where
my thoughts can’t hurt
and where the sun
works to burn
away my doubts
warming my skin and soul
so that I might
the plummet
to earth



‘Glass globe’ by Rudy van der Veen

if only
I could pick this lock
open these
glass walls
so that you might
feel smell taste hear
what has held me
for so long
I know you see me
but your eyes are only
one tool
I locked myself in
so you cannot
use the rest
if you did
but you still didn’t
I might as well stay
caged forever
my truth cannot be found in
it is beneath your fingertips
on the tip of your tongue
the sweet, fervent whisper
of my breath
what you see behind
this glass
is changed
by your own reflection
I know it
by the shine of your eyes
but I don’t know how
to free myself
I only know
that you like it
when I

light of day

Sunbeams by evescesann
Sunbeams by evescesann via

little sunbeams
burning through the
steel blue veil
cast over my sky
tiny rays grow brighter
and hotter
merging into
my own sun stream
warming my skin
and my heart
let me soak you in
just a little longer
before I must step away
into the cold brick
of my day
let me heal beneath
your warmth
building my own
with strong hugs
and baby kisses
to shield me
and light me
throughout the


Day 230 of 365 Project by GrotesqueDarling13
Day 230 of 365 Project by GrotesqueDarling13 via

swollen heavy sleep
silence broken only
by the soft burr of
your breath
the darkness no longer
but softened
by the safe firm
of your will
no monsters disturb
my slumber
no anxious sleeplessness
infects my eyes
I simply close them
to find dreams
which play like films
across the clean
calm blankets
of my mind
whispering giddy tales
beneath fairy lights
song notes dancing
across my skin
your hands cup
around everything
to keep the storms from
blowing through
to protect and
to hold me
you’ve got me
and I awaken having
truly slept
my cheeks burning
with life
my body surging
to begin a new day
not furtively
but willfully
still somehow held
safe and peaceful
in your grasp
even as your fingers
fall away
I feel them
throughout the day
shielding me
inflaming me
gifting me with
the bubble
I’d never knew
I always wanted