be life

Alive by paulisa via

born blank
crafted and titled
for a purpose
we slam down the
of those early
sparks of life
without knowing the
celebrated by all
for the wanderlust
that then mocks us
years shortened to
the brain can’t keep up
even in the
of middle life
where the self is known
and all is settled
there is a drive
to burst out
break through the
fly higher
bigger, better, badder
limitless as thought
and sky
but the chains
bring us back
reason, logic, sanity
locking us into our
why do we let it
hold us
down, back, closed?
the world is
an open book
our minds were designed
to expand
our bodies built
for adventure
our souls lit
with the fire
of creation

so go
make more
feel everything
see it all

be life

don’t just live it

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