Pretty Girl

Happy Girls

If you ever see a photo of yourself laughing and wish you looked that good all the time…
If you ever just feel terrible, and don’t think anything could lift your spirits…
If you ever hurt, inside your heart, in the way that women know all too well…
If you ever look in the mirror and hate what you see…
If you ever cry yourself to sleep and wake up in the morning with puffy eyes and blotchy skin…
If you ever stand in front of your lover and wonder why you don’t see heat in their eyes…

Smile, pretty girl.

Smile the kind of smile that reaches your eyes and your heart.
Smile the kind of smile that makes your jaw ache.
Smile the kind of smile that feels wrong and false until it doesn’t.
Smile the kind of smile that you get when you dream.
Smile the kind of smile that your mother, child, best friend or puppy gets to see everyday.
Smile the kind of smile that says, “fuck me, I want you.”

Just Smile, pretty girl.

Because no matter what is going on,
That Smile will make it better.

(click through on the picture for an amazing article from The Golden Girl)

47 thoughts on “Pretty Girl

    1. If you pretend to be hiding something when you smile, I bet you get an accidental smile. Because it would be funny… therefore you get a more natural look.

      I used to tell brides, back in the day, to always make funny faces between photos, because it keeps you laughing and makes all your wedding pictures look more natural!


  1. So true Mel. A true confident smile changes so much both internally and externally.

    Plus you made me smile. You were my beauty regimin today while I cleaned my floors!!


    1. It does apply to men, but it’s target audience was me (and I’m a girl, even though my name here has gotten me mistaken for a man…), thanks errant!! ❀


  2. Brilliant, Mel! An apt reminder. Smiles are so beautiful and infectious. I also love that Hepburn quote. I hit a time period lately where when I am all-out smiling my eyes get so squinty and small… and I personally didn’t like that look (felt it “disfigured” my face), however any time someone saw a pic like that they complimented it. Isn’t it just precious and so joyful the way a baby will smile at you at church or in the line at a grocery store, because it just bubbles out of them uncontrollably when you smile or make a goofy face? Why do we lose that in an effort to seem dignified?

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    1. *Giggles* Make a funny face at me in church, and I’ll still laugh! Lol!

      Everyone looks better with a smile. It amazes me how hard some super famous women work at posing with the perfect face all the time (think Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham), but when they are caught off guard, smiling, they look a thousand times prettier!

      Plus, smiles are infectious!


  3. Mel, I was thinking that one of the healthiest times in someone’s life is then they are having a “belly laugh” — the one where your eyes tear, your belly aches and you feel such a release. In that moment we are beautiful to those whom we share a belly laugh with~

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