Wake up

Hope by oo-rein-oo via DeviantArt.com

Be who you want

To be


Don’t bring the

Doubt carried


By yesterday

Know that was

Who you were

And today

Is who you are

But, oh, sweet child

You get to be


You want

To be

You are infinite


Only limited by

What your

Ageless soul



So go now

Begin today

Let the power of that


Flow through

Every thought

And aim for brilliance


There is nothing

You cannot accomplish

You are

Your own hearts


Everything and Nothing

Everything's Possible by karfozy via DeviantArt.com
Everything’s Possible by karfozy via DeviantArt.com

The battle wages within.

She is a champion, driven and dependable. The heart of an empath.  The blood of a warrior. The mind of a scholar. The smile of an angel.

But inside, she is a failure. A fraud. A broken down actress who fakes it because she doesn’t know any other way.

She is everything. Yet… She is nothing.

Do you see her there? Pushing herself in every attempt to attain perfection. Striving constantly to one up herself.

Do you understand what it takes to persist without persistence, to subsist without sustenance?

She is everything. No. She is nothing.

He sees her. Watching her struggles and successes. He is proud of her, regardless of her endeavor or its outcome.

But she is blind to his adoration and deaf to his respect. She can only feel her own isolation. She cannot be taught.

She is everything. But, she is nothing.

Until… He makes her see. He makes her feel. He makes her learn.

The world shrinks and life seems manageable. The darkness doesn’t seem so black and the lightness isn’t so blindingly bright.

She learns of respect, worth and hope. She finds peace in the corners she once ignored. And finally, basking in the warmth of self actualization… She is the sunset and the sunrise.

She does not have to be everything.

She was never, ever nothing.

Happy Girls

If you ever see a photo of yourself laughing and wish you looked that good all the time…
If you ever just feel terrible, and don’t think anything could lift your spirits…
If you ever hurt, inside your heart, in the way that women know all too well…
If you ever look in the mirror and hate what you see…
If you ever cry yourself to sleep and wake up in the morning with puffy eyes and blotchy skin…
If you ever stand in front of your lover and wonder why you don’t see heat in their eyes…

Smile, pretty girl.

Smile the kind of smile that reaches your eyes and your heart.
Smile the kind of smile that makes your jaw ache.
Smile the kind of smile that feels wrong and false until it doesn’t.
Smile the kind of smile that you get when you dream.
Smile the kind of smile that your mother, child, best friend or puppy gets to see everyday.
Smile the kind of smile that says, “fuck me, I want you.”

Just Smile, pretty girl.

Because no matter what is going on,
That Smile will make it better.

(click through on the picture for an amazing article from The Golden Girl)