Your Smile

A simple smile, on your lips.
That’s all it takes, to change my face.
An honest hope, a wistful wish.
That’s how you make life change it’s pace.

A simple smile, forever mine.
The moment that you stand and wait.
A moment that is pressed in time.
My kiss will always change your gait.

A simple smile, given to me.
That’s how you make my life complete.
A gift that pays eternally.
You are my world, love, I am replete.


Happy Girls

If you ever see a photo of yourself laughing and wish you looked that good all the time…
If you ever just feel terrible, and don’t think anything could lift your spirits…
If you ever hurt, inside your heart, in the way that women know all too well…
If you ever look in the mirror and hate what you see…
If you ever cry yourself to sleep and wake up in the morning with puffy eyes and blotchy skin…
If you ever stand in front of your lover and wonder why you don’t see heat in their eyes…

Smile, pretty girl.

Smile the kind of smile that reaches your eyes and your heart.
Smile the kind of smile that makes your jaw ache.
Smile the kind of smile that feels wrong and false until it doesn’t.
Smile the kind of smile that you get when you dream.
Smile the kind of smile that your mother, child, best friend or puppy gets to see everyday.
Smile the kind of smile that says, “fuck me, I want you.”

Just Smile, pretty girl.

Because no matter what is going on,
That Smile will make it better.

(click through on the picture for an amazing article from The Golden Girl)