Can you?

Can you resist my sweet kisses,
peppered down your neck?

Can you refrain from sighing your content,
as my fingers skate across your broad chest?

Can you hold your tongue between your teeth,
when I whisper my desire against your lips?

Can you rebuff the salacious invitation,
of my hands, my skin, my mouth, my eyes?

Can you kiss me with that fervor,
as though it’s been days or weeks since we touched?

Can you demand my full attention,
with the flick of finger or nip of your lips?

Can you make me forget exhaustion,
as I replace yours with lust?

Can you order me to climb atop you,
when I’d intended this night to be yours alone?

Can you play me with your fingers,
like some extraordinary instrument?

Can you make me ride you like I’ve never before,
like some sexual, endurance marathoner?

Can you force me to explode in a wet, writhing mess,
and convince me to continue with just two words?

Can you wring out every tremor and quake,
as though they feed you somehow?

Can you allow me a moment, to breath, to return,
when my body no longer responds?

Can you…?

Of course you can.
Oh my, you can, you can.

Will you do it again tonight?


Fuck me please, tonight?

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