Under the water


Going Under by ValentinaWhite via DeviantArt.com
Going Under by ValentinaWhite via DeviantArt.com

Streams carving patterns
Along curves and creases
I clutch at the edge
The smooth, hard reality
Cool against my cheek
As your fingertips
Press bruises
Into the line of my hip
And your other hand
Wraps itself in the
Long, Red Strands

of me

Good girl

Let me drown in the
Current of you
Make me lose my grip
On the edge
And reason
Push me past that point
That I’ve never
Been able to cross
Douse the fire
And watch it burn, eternal
Empty me
As you empty yourself

into me


Safe Harbor

I need a place
Firm floors and soft edges
A structure of steel
Draped in pillows and blankets
Warmed by the sun
Shimmering in the dark
With the promise
The one promise
That no one
Has ever made.

I need a place
A safe harbor

Where I can fall apart
No one else’s needs to meet
No demands
Of time or wit or ability
No decisions to make
No bedtimes, screen-times, mealtimes
No downtime
Never any requirements
Of my mind
Of my eyes
Of my voice
Only my flesh

I need a place
A safe harbor

My blanket fort
Your sofa
A mattress
Or futon
Or backseat
It isn’t the location
It’s the mindset
It’s your attitude
It’s a command
Bend over, feel, break, cry…
Come, baby girl, again

I need a place
A safe harbor

Where I can beg to be
Until all that is left
Is the calm eye of the hurricane
The center of the
That is my life
All that is left
Is me

I need a place
A safe harbor

Where pain isn’t frightening
But comforting
Where the tangled
Unruly web
Of this world
Looks like silly string
Dirt is just fairy dust
Piles of laundry are pillows, or even clouds
The disarray is simply magic

I need a place
A safe harbor
Where the sobs
That escape my chest
Aren’t fruitless cries to an empty shower
Never meaningless
But instead
They are music
A sonnet leading to a symphony
Of laughter and bliss
A concert
For one

I need a place
I need to fall apart
I need to be taken apart
I need that impossible promise


I need
Safe harbor.

Love Storm


in your arms
beneath the breath
of your whispers
that everything
will be alright,
the ideas
that it won’t
fade easily from
my mind.

in your arms
under the soft
of your fingers,
the fear of being
is erased
and replaced
with the fever
of need
and desire.

in your arms
covered in the
of your kisses,
the anxiety
that I don’t want
to hide
ebbs away
through the
path of
your lips.

in your arms
sheathing you
like a capsule
holding a storm,
I find
in surrender
to your
most intimate

in your arms
penetrate me
with your will,
shower me
with your rain,
blow away
the seeds of
and fill me
with your

Image by bittersweetvenom, ‘:Love signs:’ via DeviantArt.com

Before Dawn


In the stark blackness
Of morning
Unfettered from the
Supreme rush
Of wakeful humanity,
There is pure magic
In the breeze
And the song
Of the
Frogs, crickets, birds…

They compose a
For us.
Listen closely darling
As we kiss
In the pale, filtered
Light of the
Waning moon.

Inhale the breath
Of my sleepy

Pull me
To You
To the ground
To the pleasure
That awaits us
Nature’s symphony.


Image titled ‘before dawn’ by ByLaauraa via DeviantArt.com

Bed Sheets

Love between the sheets by millionmilesofwater via DeviantArt.com
Love between the sheets by millionmilesofwater via DeviantArt.com

Incandescence permeates
the thin cloth we hide beneath
Is it the sunset, or the sunrise?
Or is it us, glowing from within?
I cannot tell how long we’ve been here
Beneath these bed sheets
Wading in and out of
The warmth of each others delight.
It started with the promise of
Your hands, those lovely fingers,
So strong and reaching,
Clinging to my face as you searched…
Your clear, cogent stare seeking
Out the bubbles of doubt and fear
That percolated behind my eyes….
Your sweet, gentle, knowing smile
Popping each one with precision
Until my own hands softened and urged
Those lips to taste away any remnants
Of my trepidation.
And I surrendered.
In potent kisses,
Whispered words,
And gasping giggles,
My body becomes your candle.
You light me, ignite me, melt me
Into a puddle of sighs and pleas that
Dash against you fervently
Warming you from the outside in.
But still, we are incomplete.
Your coaxing and urging turn to
Pinning and taking.
No longer a question,
Submission is required.
And my stinging skin is
Reward for us both.
The last of your will
Lands, glistening, on my flesh.
Salty strands of love for me to
Play in, taste and treasure.
After our skin cools
And heartbeats slow,
You carry me beneath the shower.
Where the water pressure
Is a delicious reminder of
The wicked sin that is our pleasure.
All that you can deliver,
I want it bad
I want it again, and again, and again.
So that when I wake to see
Incandescence permeate these bed sheets,
I can smile at you and
Feel your smile in return.
Just as you are, my sun.

Pressure by Milk & Bone

You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
All that you can deliver, I want it bad
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
I can feel in my fingers all the last inner comfort of your
Bed sheets, your bed sheets
Is this your heart beat?
Or is it mine?
Heavy but slowly,
Save it for now
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
All that you can deliver, I want it bad
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
I can feel in my fingers all the last inner comfort of your
Bed sheets, your bed sheets
They turn with hunger,
Poll soaked with mine
Better and deeper into your mind
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
All that you can deliver, I want it bad
You’re like good water pressure
In a cold rainy summer,
I can feel in my fingers all the last inner comfort of your
Bed sheets, your bed sheets


Tangled fingers,
Whispers and breath,
My heart thrums your song
Deep inside my chest.

Feather light kisses
Deft exploration,
I’m the stars and planets
As you map my constellation.

Growl against
Those sensitive finds,
Testing my body
As we further entwine.

Tickle and taste me
I know that sweet torture
Will offer me sanctuary
No need for brick and mortar.

Sign your name on my flesh,
Please, mark my skin.
So I can be reminded
Of bliss again and again.

My patchwork knight
Take what you’ve won
I will sing beneath your touch
And will be your rising sun.

Our song


My broken breaths meet your warm, hungry tongue, while your fingers compose a sensual song on my skin.

My body is not my own, but I turn away, and you’re response is swift and determined.

Your hand on my throat, a growl inside yours, your body is now the conductor of our song.

Lost in sighs, the crescendo builds, my music vibrating against yours in perfect disharmony.

My heart races as our flesh mingles and my pleasure is taken by your melodic force.

My back arches to receive even more of you, as you pound out each luxurious note.

My breasts heave against the beat and you work to wrangle and coerce them.

My lips tremble and seek direction by yours, which deny me, but employ your teeth for the job.

My thighs part and hips rise, as your tempo stretches my patience and will.

My voice joins the chorus in whispered pleas and whimpered defeat when you deny the refrain with your own lyric.

You play your symphony across my skin and deep inside my favourite instrument until I’m sure the song will destroy me.

And just then, the perfect melody explodes between us under your skillful mastery.

Oh play me, my love, your own, delicious creation, play me over and over and over.

Until you tire of our song, which you promise is unlikely, because I am the sweetest music you have ever heard.

Just Because


You do not need a reason.

Just because.

When you lean in to kiss the skin of my breast, peaking above my neckline, you need no excuse at all.

When your hands explore me, even when time and place is inappropriate, you need not offer a defense.

When you press against me in the kitchen, and tease me with those delicious lips, you need not explain yourself.

When you lie in bed, feeling that which you cannot explain, and simply want me to climb on top of you to make you forget, you do not need a reason.

You never need a reason.

Whenever you want me, I am yours. Kiss me, spank me, rub me, hold me…
Whenever you need me, I will do anything to please you. I will kiss you, stroke you, lick you, suck you…
Whenever… Wherever… I am your plaything, your softness, your heat, your safe haven. Tell me what to do, and how.

You do not need a reason, my love.

I am yours.

Just because.

Just one more…

Just one more tender kiss,
against the soft, sensitive skin under my chin,
the sweet spot on my wrist or the ticklish crook of my arm,
across my collarbone or the dip at the base of my throat,
on one or both of my soft, delicious breasts,
just above my belly button or lower,
on a different button.

Just one more wet, swirling lick,
over my delicate points that long for your attention,
even after enduring your luxurious torture,
against my swollen lips or inside their slippery folds,
deep inside my ever aching core or down further, still,
to venture where you’ve never gone before.

Just one more demanding pinch,
of my soft, round behind which never gets enough attention.

Just one more smack, …hurt me, please?

Just one more bite, …you know the spot.

Just one more command,
Just one more naughty word,
Just one more sweet name,
Just one more delectable taste,
Just one more exhilarating thrust.

Just one more rare occasion where you’re in charge, and I am not.

Just one more moment of being wanted by you.

Just one more minute where the only thing that matters to you is me.

Just one more second of being yours, in the most perfect way.

Just one more incredible release, that mixes our breath, essence, and soul.

Just one more…


Just one more hypnotic kiss, cuddled in your lap, my fingers tangled in your beard, and our hearts racing each other to “I love you’s.”

Just one more…

On Guard

Treasures have to be protected by ALLUREandDESIRE via DeviantArt.com
Treasures have to be protected by ALLUREandDESIRE via DeviantArt.com

I’m on guard, with every word, thought, and look.

Protecting me,
Pointlessly… Hopelessly…

Defending my body against the need you create within.

Taunting me,
Anxiously… Longingly…

Your deft fingers could render my mind vacant, in mere moments.

Coercing me,
Lusciously… Delvingly…

Your sweet lips could melt me into a quivering mess.

Loving me,
Sensually… Softly…

Your delicious tongue could send me throbbing and writhing into heaven.

Tasting me,
Luxuriously… Temptingly…

Those strong hands could push me beyond the limits of time and space.

Marking me,
Painfully… Achingly…

That extraordinary cock could fill me and drill me to perfection.

Driving me,
Severely… Passionately…

Your hot, salty cum, could be bliss on my tongue… or skin… or leaking out of my used, little holes.

Searing me,
Decadently… Languidly…

My defense against you is rendered pointless, with a simple command,

Controlling me,
Exquisitely… Distinctively…

My guard is little more than my own hungry hands, because I truly want you,

To take me.

Willfully. Prevailingly.