Tangled fingers,
Whispers and breath,
My heart thrums your song
Deep inside my chest.

Feather light kisses
Deft exploration,
I’m the stars and planets
As you map my constellation.

Growl against
Those sensitive finds,
Testing my body
As we further entwine.

Tickle and taste me
I know that sweet torture
Will offer me sanctuary
No need for brick and mortar.

Sign your name on my flesh,
Please, mark my skin.
So I can be reminded
Of bliss again and again.

My patchwork knight
Take what you’ve won
I will sing beneath your touch
And will be your rising sun.

3 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. I love the couplets and how in adhering to that, you don’t sacrifice a drop of energy.
    You wield imagery very well, some poetry has a tendency to sound florid but you show your intelligence and love of words without losing any energy or immediacy in the work.

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    1. You know, I often attach an image because I worry that the imagery isn’t stronge enough through words alone, but perhaps I should trust more in my love of words. Thank you, Matt!


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