On Guard

Treasures have to be protected by ALLUREandDESIRE via DeviantArt.com
Treasures have to be protected by ALLUREandDESIRE via DeviantArt.com

I’m on guard, with every word, thought, and look.

Protecting me,
Pointlessly… Hopelessly…

Defending my body against the need you create within.

Taunting me,
Anxiously… Longingly…

Your deft fingers could render my mind vacant, in mere moments.

Coercing me,
Lusciously… Delvingly…

Your sweet lips could melt me into a quivering mess.

Loving me,
Sensually… Softly…

Your delicious tongue could send me throbbing and writhing into heaven.

Tasting me,
Luxuriously… Temptingly…

Those strong hands could push me beyond the limits of time and space.

Marking me,
Painfully… Achingly…

That extraordinary cock could fill me and drill me to perfection.

Driving me,
Severely… Passionately…

Your hot, salty cum, could be bliss on my tongue… or skin… or leaking out of my used, little holes.

Searing me,
Decadently… Languidly…

My defense against you is rendered pointless, with a simple command,

Controlling me,
Exquisitely… Distinctively…

My guard is little more than my own hungry hands, because I truly want you,

To take me.

Willfully. Prevailingly.




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