Our song


My broken breaths meet your warm, hungry tongue, while your fingers compose a sensual song on my skin.

My body is not my own, but I turn away, and you’re response is swift and determined.

Your hand on my throat, a growl inside yours, your body is now the conductor of our song.

Lost in sighs, the crescendo builds, my music vibrating against yours in perfect disharmony.

My heart races as our flesh mingles and my pleasure is taken by your melodic force.

My back arches to receive even more of you, as you pound out each luxurious note.

My breasts heave against the beat and you work to wrangle and coerce them.

My lips tremble and seek direction by yours, which deny me, but employ your teeth for the job.

My thighs part and hips rise, as your tempo stretches my patience and will.

My voice joins the chorus in whispered pleas and whimpered defeat when you deny the refrain with your own lyric.

You play your symphony across my skin and deep inside my favourite instrument until I’m sure the song will destroy me.

And just then, the perfect melody explodes between us under your skillful mastery.

Oh play me, my love, your own, delicious creation, play me over and over and over.

Until you tire of our song, which you promise is unlikely, because I am the sweetest music you have ever heard.

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