Saran Wrap

thin veil by desdainart via

time stretches over me
layer by layer
minute by hour
holding me down
shrinking tighter
until I cannot move
or even breathe
to force me to
marinate in
my own dark
sour thoughts
rotting alone
in this perpetual
that vibrant girl
who once glowed
like a sunset
now dulled by
the wrinkled
plasticy film of
and obligation
how I wish
for the light to
for the embers
that might still
somewhere beneath
the grips
of this
to be found
fed by some
oxygenic breath
to grow into
that vivid
which once lived
inside me
lost to a life
I’d longed
and bartered for
a good life
enviable and full
in it’s excess
if only I could
breach the
dry my mind
in the sun
soak up the
and joys
breathe it in
like those around me
freed from the
Saran Wrap
by the sharp blade
of will
and determination
or the pleasant
of ignorance
if only I could be
from me
just long enough
to breathe a
sigh of

One thought on “Saran Wrap

  1. You really do catch the sharp perspective of time or aging here- wow. Your writing is incredibly strong and powerful in conjuring up imagery in my head. It’s like gusts of strong forceful winds running through a forest, leaving wakes of leaves, twigs and flittering butterflies. I’m off to read more. Thank you

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