The Cabin

The Cabin by UriahGallery viz
The Cabin
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On a sweet, autumn evening, she stepped into the cabin feeling all of the amazing nostalgia of having enjoyed countless, lazy weeks there… But, she’d never actually been there before.

The smell from the old, worn wood, the large fireplace which had several logs burning, and the vague but pungent scent of the trees, shedding their leaves outside, filled her with olfactory memories of experiences she didn’t really remember. The contrasting glow within the interior against the soft light of the sunset filtering through the trees made her eyes dance around, as though she was witnessing the spirits of moments long past.

After taking in as much as she could, her eyes finally landed on her dark Prince, standing in the kitchen and staring at her as though she were a spirit herself.  She smiled at him, cocking her head to one side, the way she often did, and basked in his gaze as he made his way toward her.

His eyes glittered with that Dominant fire that made her melt into her panties. His lips curled up as though he was reading her mind, and when he stopped within mere inches of her, she felt the heat radiating from him. Her knees nearly gave as his fingers rose to stroke her cheek.

A low rumble from his throat let her know her beast was hungry for his fill.

His finger tips skimmed over her lips and down her throat where he suddenly grabbed her and pulled her against him, crushing her lips with his. Her eyes closed until she heard him growl and felt him pull away.

When she opened them, his hand slid back into her thick, silky hair, pulling her head sharply back, exposing her neck. He growled again, near her ear, before rubbing his lovely beard across her neck, nipping and sucking to her moans and whimpers.

Her knees were weakening, and he must have sensed it, because he slid his leg between hers and used his free hand to grip her bottom, meshing their bodies together firmly. She could feel his erection, and suddenly could not control her own desire.

Her hands lifted, gripping his face and pulling him into a deep kiss. Her tongue searched his mouth feverishly and her hands stroked down his body wildly. Like a bitch in heat, her lust could not be contained.

Her animalistic passion only served to ignite his further, and he began savagely tearing her free from her clothes. Once she stood in front of him in just her panties, he stepped back to take in his sweet, curvy girl. Humming, deeply before finally giving voice to their excitement.

“My lovely pet, do you recognize this place? Do you feel the connection?” His voice washed over her in that warm, intoxicating way, like sipping sweet brandy or receiving a warm, oil massage. She nearly couldn’t answer him, but saw from the power in his glare that she was expected to.

“I feel it, Sir,” she whispered breathlessly, “but I don’t understand it.”

He chuckled softly before stepping against her and slipping his fingers into her soaking wet panties. “It’s strange, isn’t it, to know a place so well, having never been?” His lips slid across her chest before he lifted one of her heavy breasts so that he might take a bite.

She cried out and watched as her gentle beast licked, sucked and nipped at her thick nipples until they were red and tender. His growls grew more and more intense until they were almost the frightening roars of a desperate beast.

When he suddenly stood back and ordered her to lay over the ottoman in front of the fire, she thought perhaps she’d done something wrong, but then remembered that she’d asked him to mark her, to solidify her submission.

She watched the flames in the fireplace licking each other, dancing in exotic ways, and nearly became hypnotized by their performance. When she finally felt him behind her, she pleaded with him softly to speak again, to tell her a story.

As he stroked her back and buttocks, pulling her panties gently down her hips and thighs, he began to tell her a lovely tale, of a girl, vacationing in the woods, but being captured and held prisoner by a mighty wolfman. The story seemed familiar, and haunting, just like the cabin. Just like him.

He knelt next to her, his breath against her ear and his beard tickling her cheek. “Now, enough stalling, little girl,” he rumbled, before standing and removing his belt. “You wanted my marks, are you ready for them, Pet?”

She inhaled a long breath, gripping the edge of the cushion before sighing, “Yes, Sir. Please…”

He waited, she guessed, for her to relax, and when the tension finally left her shoulders, the first blow landed on her left cheek. The belt was folded, but his strength was incredible. By the tenth strike, tears pricked at her eyes, but her body was filled with a warmth that nothing could compare to.

He dropped to his knees behind her, releasing the belt, but not quite finished with her welted backside. Soothing her, then spanking her, she heard the beast bubbling again under the surface. She was so excited and delighted, she couldn’t help herself.

“Please, come out and play, sweet beast! Come enjoy your toy!”

She took in the feral smile of her lover as he growled at her and began tearing off his own clothes.

He lifted her from the ottoman and pulled her against him, knee to knee, breast to chest. He inhaled her sweetly scented hair, gripping her neck tightly before releasing another growl against her ear.

What followed was nearly indescribable. He pushed her to the carpet and devoured her, bathing her with his tongue and whimpering at her sweetness. His teeth sunk into her soft flesh, forcing yelps of pain and groans of pleasure to pour from her lips, unabated. His hands seemed to find themselves everywhere, and it wasn’t long before she was begging for release.

His affirming roar sent her over the edge of oblivion, the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced coursed through her body. Her mind lost, she could only ride the waves and aftershocks until she felt him hovering above her. His lips, slick with her liquid desire, his beard filled with her sweet and musky scent, and his eyes filled with carnal need.

He lifted her arms above her head and covered her body with his own, his steel desire pressed firmly against her thighs. He growled again, kissing her hard then biting her lips. Her moans and whimpers, filled the room as she attempted to separate her legs to invite him inside her molten, wetness. He chuckled, locking her down and grinning with almost frightening satisfaction at his ability to trap her and force her to submit to his will… not her own.

Once she was still, he released her wrists. “Keep them there,” he rumbled before separating her legs and rising to his knees between them. He stared down at her, growling once again, before using his fingers to torture her nipples again only long enough to make her whine.

He lifted her feet to his shoulders and with no warning pierced her dripping slit with his rock hard cock. She cried out from the shock of it, but kept her wrists locked above her head. She stared into his eyes as he remained there, sheathed in her velvety folds, clenching around him in her desire for more. She saw the flash, and felt the change in him, as he unlocked the chains that kept the beast in check.

And all was lost. The atmosphere in the room changed. The darkness came alive with the passion of inhuman fucking. He hammered into her, drilling through her, shifting her on the carpet until her head slammed into the ottoman. She gasped and panted, desperately trying to maintain some semblance of control over her body, but it was useless.

When she stopped fighting, and succumbed to her powerful beast, she came, again, this time exploding with such ferocity, that it was she who roared, quaking the walls and silencing the spirits surrounding them.

He lifted her, like a rag doll, and held her against his chest. When she finally lifted her arms around him, he pulled her back slightly, grinning at her wasted expression. “My sweet bitch, I’m not even close to done with you yet.”

His intoxicating voice fed her the energy to continue, bringing a smile to her lips just before he kissed her again, with the demand that forced her to her knees, clinging to his shoulders before finally letting go again, submitting her lips… her body… her mind… and her heart to him completely.

He felt the change and growled into her mouth, “Yes, my sweet slut… The power you feed me is like nothing I ever could have imagined.”

He flipped her and took her again, but this time, piercing her ass, one hand gripping her hair and the fingers of the other digging into her ample hip. The pain was intense, but it was soon washed away with the incredible perfection of being his toy. This is what she’d wanted. What she’d always wanted, but could’ve never known.

This is what he’d wanted. What he’d always wanted. But never let himself feel.

The spirits swirled around them, delighted in their mating, and drunk from the success of bringing these creatures together, at last.

As they became fully aware of the extra presence surrounding them, it only fueled their wanton need for completion.  Her beast wrapped himself around her, grunting and seeking her final release with his fingers. She bore the weight of both of them, somehow, as the pleasure he sought fired, deep inside of her, like electricity.

She almost collapsed as it seared through her body before lifting her beyond any experience she’d had in her life. But then, as she felt her Love’s climax, pulsing and filling her with his seed, the experience exploded into something ethereal.

As they fell, he spun her and pulled her into his chest. Their breathing slowed as they stared into one anothers eyes, unsure if they should speak about what was around them.

He pulled her closer so that his lips were pressed against her ear, “Are you making this magic, My Love?”

“No Sir. It is magic for both of us. From both of us.”

As he pulled back and stared into her eyes, she wondered if perhaps she was being a silly, little girl. Believing in magic and spirits. Feeling the reality of that unexpected extra presence in a way that she simply could not explain.

But what she saw in his eyes was the explanation. There were not words to accompany it. And the warmth of that which surrounded them embraced them tightly, for a moment, before disappearing and leaving them with only their own warmth.

“It’s gone, Sweet girl.” His voice lacked the confidence of his words.

She looked around the room, at the fire still dancing, but smaller, at the walls which had seemed alive earlier, and inhaled the amazing scent of that cabin, now mixed with the pleasant fragrance of their love. She smiled and brushed his handsome beard with the tips of her fingers.

“I don’t think so, Sir. I think it will always be here, between us… within us.”

As his lips brushed hers, and that lovely rumble filled his chest again, she sighed and absorbed the moment. “Would you tell me another story, Sir? I want to be wrapped in your voice all night.


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  1. Holy hell, cara’Mel, there must be a forest fire in those woods, sparks flying…awhoooooooooo at the fucking moon
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