Grizzly bear ROAR by eidolic

It was my hunt
a quest
to tame the rage filled
coax him into
the warm, soft haven
of my mouth
to taste with
ravenous hunger
the far edges
of my bravery
and desire
when this beast
laps sweetly
at the honey
between my quivering
it is then that I take
my prey
within the net of
my passion
and in return
I am
ripped to shreds
then pieced
in loving renewal
made better
and more whole
by the healing balm
of keening kisses
and rough,
my precious


Image: Grizzly bear ROAR by eidolic

The wild

The wildness presses itself against every pore on my body. The inside, desperate to extrude itself.

To introduce itself to the world.
To be known, felt, seen.
To thrash about in the foreign openness.

Learning to breath.
Learning to walk.
Learning to live.

Tired of being taken out and stuffed back in over and over. The wild, in seeking freedom, is taking over.

It manipulates my very sight and breath, taste and hearing, letting me feel the world anew in every waking hour.

How have I lived for so long without ever truly quenching my thirst, sating my hunger, hearing the ever present truth, or touching…

Really touching?
Being touched?
Feeling what it is to be touched?

Obsessed with the attention, never paid properly, I’m impatient for the sensation of being the object of desire.
The wildness knows.

And as it threatens complete devastation in order to be free,

I no longer fear the uncertainty of that freedom. But I clutch at what I know, overwhelmed with the chaos of emotion roiling within me.

I cling to the present, ignoring the numbness of the past, and hiding from the knowledge that the wild within me is installing directly into my spirit.

I hide from him, because it’s habit.
I hide from them, because it’s natural.
I hide from you, because. . .

The wild awoke beneath your stare, the beast became within this creation I built for you, the inside turned outside purely because of your presence.

And as I cling to the covers, hiding from the dark and begging the light to return, like the scared little girl I’ve always been, I simply do not know how to stop.

Instinctually, I hide.

From my wild.

But still, I call to the beast within…

Beauty & Beast


you wouldn’t expect the beauty to shine

so brightly in her darkness

it is the beast that burns within her

giving her that intoxicating luminescence

no, you say?

beauty is the light and beast is the dark…

look closer

the beast within us all

pushes us to the edges of our limits

and beyond

the beast within beauty

forces her to seek out the pleasures

that might escape her

the beast

the spirit

the id

makes me, drives him, pulls her

to search through

imagination and knowledge

for the light, peace and magic

that are the truth and meaning of life

if you don’t believe me

watch yourself

as the beast within you hibernates

for when he is at rest

those are the moments when the world turns

without color

when I am





I look inward and whisper

to him, to wake

and when he does

I am alive, once again

I am ferocious

I am vivid

I am



Photo by Laura Dark, courtesy Facebook. Click to see more of her stunning photography


Perched in your lap
Hands on your cheeks
Sipping away at your
Sugar, sweet kisses
Until my jaw aches
And my lips burn


A growl in your throat
Fingers tighten in aggravation
Across my creamy, soft thighs
Pressing the urgency within
Straight through my flesh
To my hungry core


Long, puffed exhales
With soft, liquid smiles
My hands find a path
Beneath your shirt
And dance through
That soft, dark fur beneath


Baring your teeth and
Narrowing your eyes
Wake up, Beast!
Come out and play with me
A giggle bubbles from
Somewhere next to my heart


Determination sets your brow
Your hands cover mine
Pulling them, and me
Around you, against you
Crushing me with the
Strength of a Daddy Bear


Our bodies are not bodies
But fire, light and electricity
Control is lost to these
Primal needs and desires
Unfolding and invading
Like hungry vines in the wild


No more breath, no more sound
Just you, thrusting inside
With furiousity, unmeasured
Deeper, more, harder, faster
Until you still me in one glance
With that carnal look of intimacy


Take me, tease me, torment me
Chase me, Hunt me, Catch me
Over and over, until you cannot
And I surrender, wicked Beast
Because you make me


Ten Feet Tall

Dream Bear by Raymaker via

I’ve seen you
Felt you
Tasted you.

I know how
You are.

I know how
You can be.

I know you’re
Thick and furry.

Like a gentle
Towering over me.

You can deny it,
If you want.
But I know Daddy.

I know you’re
Ten Feet Tall.

And I’m not
Of you, Big Bear.

I can

I will

Hands in my hair

Don't cry, little girl. by laura-makabresku via
Don’t cry, little girl. by laura-makabresku via

I stand, staring at you.
Punishing you with my eyes.

But I cannot look directly at you, not for long.

My fingers betray me, reaching out to you. To rake softly through that lovely beard. To skim tenderly over those sweet lips. To magnetize you, so desperate to wake the beast within.

So he might fight with me.
So he might frighten me.
So he might fuck me.

You stand motionless. Frozen. Like a dream.

My mind and heart, they’re arguing. Fighting the facts, and memorizing the ache that bears your name. That hurt fuels my magic and beckons me to look up. Look again. Look at you.

I swim in the crystal depth of those pale, sad eyes.

My mind quiets,
My heart stops,
My body lightens…
And I feel

Your hands in my hair.
Where they are meant to be.

Your breath on my skin.
Where it is meant to be.

Your lips on my forehead.
Where they are meant to be.

Your hands.

In my hair.

Where they were meant to be, all along.


tingling by be-awesome-or-die via
tingling by be-awesome-or-die via

Chill in the air does not compare,
To the state you keep me in, unaware.

Check and watch the minutes pass,
Sweet girl… Tingle… Oh, at last.

Clench and wonder about my needs,
Imagining, perhaps, forced to my knees.

Sigh and wait, longer still,
If only patience came in a pill.

At last, whispered words fill me up,
But I don’t think I’ll ever get enough.

Always dripping, wanting more,
Your mess, Your bitch, Your little whore.

Make me beg for your every tease,
Tell me, exactly, how to please.

I accept every command,
Desperately long for your reprimand.

Share with me your deepest desire,
I will light that engulfing fire.

Tie me, take me, terrify me…
Release the beast, please, oh please?

Blinding passion, pleasure and pain,
You lavish upon me, like hot, sweet, rain.

Suck you or fuck me, buried deep,
From my little holes, you will seep.

Ravish me ’til I flop like a doll,
Sated and replete, I will sprawl.

That feeling, of actually filling with light,
It holds me and keeps me, through the night.

Because of the sweetness you coat me with,
That tender hope that is your gift.

Tingle, giggle, sigh and breathe,
Oh, sweet Daddy… You’re what I need.


Rag Doll

Doll by Smokemysoul via
Doll by Smokemysoul via

You told me to dress up, make myself look different. At first I thought Barbie Doll, but I could never be her. Of course, I am your Baby Doll, so a pretty, baby doll dress was a clear choice.

I sit at the table and wait, in my sweet little dress, with a satin sash and ribbons in my hair. I look very pretty, but not at all like a real baby doll.

My full, round breasts are barely contained by the pale blue fabric above the fuschia sash, and my legs are coated in white silk and capped in pink patent leather stilettos. My hair is barely restrained in twin braids that hang over each shoulder.

I’m already wet with anticipation, my thighs dampening above the lacy tops of my nylons due to my lack of panties.

I check my makeup in a spoon and nervously fidget with the napkin on my plate.

Then I feel the air change. That electricity that flows between us doesn’t need touch, it just snaps through the air like lightening.

I feel my nipples harden and swallow as you step behind me and lean down, gripping the braid over one shoulder so that you can whisper in the opposite ear.

“Hi, baby doll… You look good enough to eat!”

Oh your voice, when you speak with the power and command that bubbles from inside but that you only allow out in small doses… That thick, deep voice that melts over me and makes me want to rub you into my skin…

I could cum, just hearing your voice.

“I love your shoes, little girl. You like playing dress up?”

I turn as you stand and I smile up at you, I can feel color filling my cheeks. You chuckle down at me and extend your hand.

I take it, and rise, before you slowly turn me in order to take me completely in. I know what I look like and am pleased to find your sad eyes dancing with delight.

“My pretty girl…” you growl, pulling me against you, where I feel how much you like my attire, pressed hard and thick against my hip.

Your lips find my neck while your fingers pull at the cap sleeve of the dress to reveal my shoulder. You sink your teeth into that special spot that makes me convulse then back me against the wall behind me.

You step away and sit in the chair I just vacated, leaning back to look at me. “Touch yourself, sweet girl.”

I grin at you, devilishly before performing the masturbatory seduction I’ve imagined dozens of times. For you, my delicious Daddy.

I lift my fingers to my lips, coyly before letting them trail down my throat and collarbone. Dipping them into the strained fabric barely covering my breasts and pulling down slightly to expose one of my thick, pink points.

I pinch and twist it, gasping and closing my eyes, while my other hand snakes it’s way under my dress. I stroke my dripping lips, still hidden from you, beneath my skirt and moan softly, making you groan and rub your hard cock through your jeans.

I drop my other hand from my breast to lift the hem so you can see. You take in a sharp breath at the sight of my pretty fingers kneading my smooth pussy. As I push my fingers through my slit and into my quivering cunt, you groan again, making my knees weak.

“No panties, baby doll?” You whisper, as you kneel in front of me.

I shake my head, tossing my braids slightly as you grab my fingers and guide them into your mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” you rumble, sucking off my silkiness before guiding my hands to hold the hem of my dress at my hips. “Sugar and spice, sweet girl.”

I moan before you even touch me, your presence is like liquid heat. I steel my knees to hold me up and watch you stroke a single finger over my swollen clit, peeking from between my puffy lips.

Your touch nearly makes me explode. I hum when I feel your breath and watch you touch your lips to me. Your tongue presses flat while your finger slips inside. I’m shuddering and clenching immediately until you growl, softly, “If you cum before I give you permission, I’ll send you straight to bed.”

I whimper and force myself to settle, looking down into your pale eyes. My heart races as your tongue returns to my clit, circling softly, and you add another finger inside me. My whole body shakes with my restraint as I hold myself back from the edge of bliss.

I’m not sure how long I manage to fight the incredible pleasure pushing me to soar, but at some point I realize you are now standing, facing me, working me with your magic fingers and rumbling, low, from deep in your chest.

I open my eyes to find yours flashing, lips curled in a delicious grin and slick with my juices. “Such a sweet girl, do you want to cum?”

I nod, panting and very close to complete desperation when you lean in until our lips touch. “Cum,” you growl, increasing the intensity of your fingers.

I release my dress and cling to your shoulders, knowing my knees will not hold. You wrap your arm around my waist and kiss me while I come apart and freefall into the waves of orgasm. You wring me out thoroughly until I’m bucking and squirming to break free.

But still, you won’t relent. Your fingers are merciless and your tongue demands to dance with mine, stealing my breath, my will and my strength. You turn us both and release my waist, to slide the china off the end of the table to the floor. I gasp, as it shatters, but you only smile that beastly grin against my mouth before kissing me again.

You guide me onto the table and cover my body with yours, but your fingers continue their play inside me. I’m panting, each time you let me up for air, and grinding against you feverishly, tiptoeing the edge of oblivion yet again.

“Oh, please Sir, may I cum again?” I plead against your mouth and you nod before your tongue darts between my lips, once more. Your hunger ignites the blast within me and I convulse, yet again, muscles firing and liquid desire dripping between my thighs to the surface below. I don’t know if it was ejaculate, of if I’m just that wet, but you don’t quit.

“Please, fuck me Daddy, please!” I beg, in the midst of your kiss. You roll off of me to stand, staring down at me, and I can tell that I’m in trouble by the gleam in your eye.

“How many times have you cum, little girl?” Your voice is so low and gravelly, I almost can’t answer as your fingers continue their torment, teasing and light, at the moment.

“…I …Twice, Sir.” I breathe, panting and writhing against your hand, trying to get just a bit more.

Then you jam your fingers inside of me, spreading my thighs and palming my clit. My eyes roll back in my head until I hear you rumble, “Don’t stop it, just let them go… I want them all, baby.”

Your free hand finds my throat, and I climax again. You suck and bite my nipples and I have another. You hum, and growl and tell me what a good girl I am, and take one more.

You tear orgasms out of me as though it were your purpose in life. I can barely breathe and have no idea what has happened by the time you climb on top of me again, undressed, crushing me with your kiss, then pinching and twisting my nipples.

I open my eyes to see you pulling my legs up and staring down at me. You practically roar as you slide inside of me, and within moments, you are drilling into me like a wild animal. I’m too weak and senseless to brace myself, which you quickly realize and grasp my throat to hold me steady.

The mind blowing combination sends me up over the edge in mere moments, and as you continue fucking me with the might of some crazed beast, I can’t tell where one orgasm stops and another begins. I start gasping, which causes you to release my neck, and instead brace yourself by gripping my tits, tightly against my own chest, which still leaves me breathless, but with more pain.

You let go, and I think I have another orgasm. You wrap yourself around me, bucking your hips into me so hard, I think I just might break open, but I cum again, anyway. Flopping about as if there were no bones inside my limbs.

You pull back and I open my eyes to see you grinning down at me, “My beautiful rag doll…”

Your ownership of me is far more than is needed to send me into a million pieces, one last time. And this one grips you fiercely, milking your own climax free, and sending your seed in long, shaking pulses deep inside me.

When you collapse on top of me, I somehow remain conscious long enough to thank you.

You lean on your elbows over me, pulling the ribbons from my hair and snaking your magical fingers through the waves. “Sweet girl, my precious baby doll…” You kiss me with the tender sweetness that coats that inner wildness of yours, that keeps the beast docile and in check.

Oh, how I love those sticky layers of yours, Sir.

And how I love being your rag doll.

The Cabin

The Cabin by UriahGallery viz
The Cabin
by UriahGallery via

On a sweet, autumn evening, she stepped into the cabin feeling all of the amazing nostalgia of having enjoyed countless, lazy weeks there… But, she’d never actually been there before.

The smell from the old, worn wood, the large fireplace which had several logs burning, and the vague but pungent scent of the trees, shedding their leaves outside, filled her with olfactory memories of experiences she didn’t really remember. The contrasting glow within the interior against the soft light of the sunset filtering through the trees made her eyes dance around, as though she was witnessing the spirits of moments long past.

After taking in as much as she could, her eyes finally landed on her dark Prince, standing in the kitchen and staring at her as though she were a spirit herself.  She smiled at him, cocking her head to one side, the way she often did, and basked in his gaze as he made his way toward her.

His eyes glittered with that Dominant fire that made her melt into her panties. His lips curled up as though he was reading her mind, and when he stopped within mere inches of her, she felt the heat radiating from him. Her knees nearly gave as his fingers rose to stroke her cheek.

A low rumble from his throat let her know her beast was hungry for his fill.

His finger tips skimmed over her lips and down her throat where he suddenly grabbed her and pulled her against him, crushing her lips with his. Her eyes closed until she heard him growl and felt him pull away.

When she opened them, his hand slid back into her thick, silky hair, pulling her head sharply back, exposing her neck. He growled again, near her ear, before rubbing his lovely beard across her neck, nipping and sucking to her moans and whimpers.

Her knees were weakening, and he must have sensed it, because he slid his leg between hers and used his free hand to grip her bottom, meshing their bodies together firmly. She could feel his erection, and suddenly could not control her own desire.

Her hands lifted, gripping his face and pulling him into a deep kiss. Her tongue searched his mouth feverishly and her hands stroked down his body wildly. Like a bitch in heat, her lust could not be contained.

Her animalistic passion only served to ignite his further, and he began savagely tearing her free from her clothes. Once she stood in front of him in just her panties, he stepped back to take in his sweet, curvy girl. Humming, deeply before finally giving voice to their excitement.

“My lovely pet, do you recognize this place? Do you feel the connection?” His voice washed over her in that warm, intoxicating way, like sipping sweet brandy or receiving a warm, oil massage. She nearly couldn’t answer him, but saw from the power in his glare that she was expected to.

“I feel it, Sir,” she whispered breathlessly, “but I don’t understand it.”

He chuckled softly before stepping against her and slipping his fingers into her soaking wet panties. “It’s strange, isn’t it, to know a place so well, having never been?” His lips slid across her chest before he lifted one of her heavy breasts so that he might take a bite.

She cried out and watched as her gentle beast licked, sucked and nipped at her thick nipples until they were red and tender. His growls grew more and more intense until they were almost the frightening roars of a desperate beast.

When he suddenly stood back and ordered her to lay over the ottoman in front of the fire, she thought perhaps she’d done something wrong, but then remembered that she’d asked him to mark her, to solidify her submission.

She watched the flames in the fireplace licking each other, dancing in exotic ways, and nearly became hypnotized by their performance. When she finally felt him behind her, she pleaded with him softly to speak again, to tell her a story.

As he stroked her back and buttocks, pulling her panties gently down her hips and thighs, he began to tell her a lovely tale, of a girl, vacationing in the woods, but being captured and held prisoner by a mighty wolfman. The story seemed familiar, and haunting, just like the cabin. Just like him.

He knelt next to her, his breath against her ear and his beard tickling her cheek. “Now, enough stalling, little girl,” he rumbled, before standing and removing his belt. “You wanted my marks, are you ready for them, Pet?”

She inhaled a long breath, gripping the edge of the cushion before sighing, “Yes, Sir. Please…”

He waited, she guessed, for her to relax, and when the tension finally left her shoulders, the first blow landed on her left cheek. The belt was folded, but his strength was incredible. By the tenth strike, tears pricked at her eyes, but her body was filled with a warmth that nothing could compare to.

He dropped to his knees behind her, releasing the belt, but not quite finished with her welted backside. Soothing her, then spanking her, she heard the beast bubbling again under the surface. She was so excited and delighted, she couldn’t help herself.

“Please, come out and play, sweet beast! Come enjoy your toy!”

She took in the feral smile of her lover as he growled at her and began tearing off his own clothes.

He lifted her from the ottoman and pulled her against him, knee to knee, breast to chest. He inhaled her sweetly scented hair, gripping her neck tightly before releasing another growl against her ear.

What followed was nearly indescribable. He pushed her to the carpet and devoured her, bathing her with his tongue and whimpering at her sweetness. His teeth sunk into her soft flesh, forcing yelps of pain and groans of pleasure to pour from her lips, unabated. His hands seemed to find themselves everywhere, and it wasn’t long before she was begging for release.

His affirming roar sent her over the edge of oblivion, the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced coursed through her body. Her mind lost, she could only ride the waves and aftershocks until she felt him hovering above her. His lips, slick with her liquid desire, his beard filled with her sweet and musky scent, and his eyes filled with carnal need.

He lifted her arms above her head and covered her body with his own, his steel desire pressed firmly against her thighs. He growled again, kissing her hard then biting her lips. Her moans and whimpers, filled the room as she attempted to separate her legs to invite him inside her molten, wetness. He chuckled, locking her down and grinning with almost frightening satisfaction at his ability to trap her and force her to submit to his will… not her own.

Once she was still, he released her wrists. “Keep them there,” he rumbled before separating her legs and rising to his knees between them. He stared down at her, growling once again, before using his fingers to torture her nipples again only long enough to make her whine.

He lifted her feet to his shoulders and with no warning pierced her dripping slit with his rock hard cock. She cried out from the shock of it, but kept her wrists locked above her head. She stared into his eyes as he remained there, sheathed in her velvety folds, clenching around him in her desire for more. She saw the flash, and felt the change in him, as he unlocked the chains that kept the beast in check.

And all was lost. The atmosphere in the room changed. The darkness came alive with the passion of inhuman fucking. He hammered into her, drilling through her, shifting her on the carpet until her head slammed into the ottoman. She gasped and panted, desperately trying to maintain some semblance of control over her body, but it was useless.

When she stopped fighting, and succumbed to her powerful beast, she came, again, this time exploding with such ferocity, that it was she who roared, quaking the walls and silencing the spirits surrounding them.

He lifted her, like a rag doll, and held her against his chest. When she finally lifted her arms around him, he pulled her back slightly, grinning at her wasted expression. “My sweet bitch, I’m not even close to done with you yet.”

His intoxicating voice fed her the energy to continue, bringing a smile to her lips just before he kissed her again, with the demand that forced her to her knees, clinging to his shoulders before finally letting go again, submitting her lips… her body… her mind… and her heart to him completely.

He felt the change and growled into her mouth, “Yes, my sweet slut… The power you feed me is like nothing I ever could have imagined.”

He flipped her and took her again, but this time, piercing her ass, one hand gripping her hair and the fingers of the other digging into her ample hip. The pain was intense, but it was soon washed away with the incredible perfection of being his toy. This is what she’d wanted. What she’d always wanted, but could’ve never known.

This is what he’d wanted. What he’d always wanted. But never let himself feel.

The spirits swirled around them, delighted in their mating, and drunk from the success of bringing these creatures together, at last.

As they became fully aware of the extra presence surrounding them, it only fueled their wanton need for completion.  Her beast wrapped himself around her, grunting and seeking her final release with his fingers. She bore the weight of both of them, somehow, as the pleasure he sought fired, deep inside of her, like electricity.

She almost collapsed as it seared through her body before lifting her beyond any experience she’d had in her life. But then, as she felt her Love’s climax, pulsing and filling her with his seed, the experience exploded into something ethereal.

As they fell, he spun her and pulled her into his chest. Their breathing slowed as they stared into one anothers eyes, unsure if they should speak about what was around them.

He pulled her closer so that his lips were pressed against her ear, “Are you making this magic, My Love?”

“No Sir. It is magic for both of us. From both of us.”

As he pulled back and stared into her eyes, she wondered if perhaps she was being a silly, little girl. Believing in magic and spirits. Feeling the reality of that unexpected extra presence in a way that she simply could not explain.

But what she saw in his eyes was the explanation. There were not words to accompany it. And the warmth of that which surrounded them embraced them tightly, for a moment, before disappearing and leaving them with only their own warmth.

“It’s gone, Sweet girl.” His voice lacked the confidence of his words.

She looked around the room, at the fire still dancing, but smaller, at the walls which had seemed alive earlier, and inhaled the amazing scent of that cabin, now mixed with the pleasant fragrance of their love. She smiled and brushed his handsome beard with the tips of her fingers.

“I don’t think so, Sir. I think it will always be here, between us… within us.”

As his lips brushed hers, and that lovely rumble filled his chest again, she sighed and absorbed the moment. “Would you tell me another story, Sir? I want to be wrapped in your voice all night.


The Beast

You stand and stare at me, I can’t take my eyes off you. Up on your desk, ass in the air, cheek pressed against the edge. You’ve lashed my wrists to my ankles with cord, my knees folded beneath me, breast smashed into the cold wood. You stand and stare. Thinking. Deciding. Smirking.

Your fingers skim over my face, then across my shoulder and down my back. I sigh and tremble as they reach my bottom. I wish for a moment that I could climb inside your mind, but then, those lovely fingers dip between my thighs, sliding over my swollen, sensitive folds. I lose my thoughts, almost completely.

You pull away too quickly, and I whimper at the loss. “Shhh, kitten,” you breathe, suddenly right next to my ear. I feel your breath on my neck and your beard on my shoulder, and I have to force myself to be still, despite the tremors that run down my spine.

“My Pet, you look so lovely like this, I may have to leave you here as decoration. But first, I should color that beautiful derrière.” Sliding a long, acrylic ruler out of your desk, you skim the edge over my skin. I almost beg for you to use your hand, but stop myself, because I don’t care what you use. Just hit me.

The first crack of the plastic on my flesh barely hurts, but as you situate yourself and begin layering the strikes, the warmth and sting grows so that I’m flinching with each blow. It’s still not quite pain, it is incredible. My breathing is erratic but I haven’t made a sound, so you lean down, brushing your fingers over my lips forcing my tongue to peak out to taste them.

You smile at my desperation, “My pet, you are a dripping mess. I’m tempted to clean you up with MY tongue!” I convulse, but close my mouth to keep myself from begging you, knowing that would never work. You chuckle and let your hands glide down my back again.

Setting the ruler aside, you let your palms wander, over my skin, making every nerve ending in my body stand at attention. One hand reaches beneath my belly to stroke upward, between my breasts, as I try to rise slightly so that I may feel your fingers on my nipples. But your other hand keeps me pressed against the table as I quiver and clench, desperate for your attention in places you are vehemently ignoring.

The tease is the part I hate to love and love to hate. It kills me and makes me want, even more, to plead with you, to lick me, touch me, suck me, and fuck me. But you told your kitten to be quiet, so I must.

Instead, I pant and writhe. I try to will you with my mind. I think about being inside of yours and controlling your actions. Alas, I’m not that powerful.

By the time your hands reach my backside again, I’m arching and whimpering, no longer able to keep myself from making those little noises you appreciate so much. I hear your rumble, as your fingers finally slip between my legs again, and you feel the incredible wetness you always pull from me. Suddenly, your tongue replaces your fingers, and I feel that I’m already perched on the edge of delirium.

“Yessss,” I hiss, and am rewarding with the vibration of your growl against my clit. You are lapping away at me like a puppy licking a steak, and I realize I may not be able to hold back, when you slide a finger up through my juices and into my ass. “Oh, God, Sir, Please!  May I cum please, Sir, please!”

“Not yet, sweet girl, not yet,” you whisper, before your tongue slips back down to tease my throbbing clit. I whine and work my hips, tightening my muscles to keep the waves inside. They threaten to explode, but whatever thin force field I am able to contain them in works. You slow your assault, sensing my determination to obey you, but then bite my ass and it’s almost too much.

“Please…..” I breathe, arching up, trying to pull away, but this only earns me a smack followed by three fingers thrusting into me wildly.

Your fingers work at me until I feel another slide into my ass and I cry out at the pain of the added fullness.  “I can’t stop it…. I can’t stop it, Sir…”

I push my body past its breaking point, trying, and failing, to prevent my climax from leaking out of me like water bubbling through a clogged water fountain. “Don’t do it,” you roar, but that only acts as a catalyst. My soft climax suddenly bursts open into a gushing, rocketing explosion. I scream, as it tears through me, and groan as it washes over me, raining aftershocks throughout my system like sparks from some massive electrical fire.

Suddenly, you are on the desk with me, stretching me open with your amazing cock, and hammering away at me like an enraged beast. “More, bitch, or I’ll rip them out of you while you scream and beg me to stop!” You sound like an animal, and my body simply does what it’s told.

As you ram away at my cervix, like you’re trying to drill into my womb, I begin to convulse again, the walls of my sweet, hot cunt gripping you to the point you cry out and pull away.  You flip me, painfully, onto my back, my limbs still tied and my body still jolting from my last orgasm.

You lift my ass and position your huge cock at my puckered, second opening, smiling at me as you start to push inside. It’s more than I’m prepared for, the pain is unbelievable, and I beg you to stop. Pressing your thumb into my slit, you begin working me back up, while the head of your dick rests just inside my ass. I bear down against you, relaxing and opening, and you begin pushing further inside.

“Fuck, please Sir, I can’t…”
“You can, and you will, my pet. You must.”

I look into your eyes, and find the determination that you always somehow feed me, in your control, command, and Dominance.  I breathe and relax. You stroke my clit until I’m spinning, once again, and press into me. I’m gasping, but pushing the pain away, concentrating on the pleasure and on pleasing you. Letting you fill me in this way I’ve never truly imagined.

You groan as you force your way in and the look on your face nearly sends me to the moon. “Yes, Sir, Please… More!”  You look down at me and work my pussy with both hands until I’m screaming and cumming again.

If I weren’t tied, I may have floated to the ceiling, but it is mere moments before the pain returns as you begin fucking my tight ass. Your fingers continue running over my clit until you are lost in the onslaught of your own orgasm.  You cum so hard and so much, I think I can actually feel it leaking out, around you.

As you stop, you look down at me, breathless, and I desperately wish you would kiss me. But before you do, the beast inside of you growls, “One more, slut.”

You slide out of my ass and ram three fingers deep into my pussy, pushing against my G spot while your other hand concentrates on my abused, little button.  My body is like your instrument, and just as I think I’m going to pop, your hand leaves my clit and wraps tightly around my throat. “Cum for me, and I’ll let you breathe again, Pet.”

Gasping and writhing, I realize how much I’ve wanted this for so long. The orgasm that rocks me seems to actually start in my throat, and as my pussy clenches your fingers and you release me, the flood of oxygen only serves to magnify the results.  I’m shaking so hard, you wrap your fingers around my neck again, not cutting off my air this time, but holding me steady, and I ride two minutes of pure bliss.

When you finally release me, and begin untying the cords, I want your lips on mine so badly, I lose all sense of restraint. “Please kiss me, Sir, pretty, pretty, please, with a fucking cherry on top!” You smile at me and chuckle, pulling loose the last knot and stretching me out before lying on top of me and capturing my face between your hands.

“My sweet, little mess.” Your lips hover over mine and I’m breathless, waiting for the contact. When you finally relent, our mouths mold together like some incredible, soft and languid puzzle. Your tongues dances around mine and I pull my arms and legs around you, surrounding you and filling you the only way I possibly can.

I feel myself slip into your mind, and I see myself there. As I’ve always been. Beautiful and serene, my skin glitters with light and magic. My hair flows around me like spun silk and butterfly wings. My eyes twinkle in all of their turquoise splendor. And I sit, softly stroking the beast, who I cannot see clearly. Taming him, …for the moment. “I’m the reason he exists. He will not harm me. But he will try. And you will love it.”

I stare at her. At myself. At you, and your beast. And as I slip back out of your mind, and you stare into my real eyes, I feel joy I’ve never known. “Please don’t ever stop trying,” I whisper. “I adore that dark, dangerous beast.”

White Beast by Eibo Jeddah via
White Beast by Eibo Jeddah via