Child's love

Under my skin by quicksilverq via

You are indelible,
You’ve made life incredible.

You love me fiercely litttle man,
My sweetest guide, my biggest fan.

The purest love you rain on me,
Which promises to last eternally.

Like magic marker on my heart,
You make the best kind of mark.

And now, life’s blessings promise to,
Gift me that much more like you!

But don’t worry, precious little one,
My love is bigger than the sun.

And though it overflows in its magnitude,
It will always, always be meant for you.

15 thoughts on “Child's love

  1. Wow, cara’Mel
    Awesome. He will love this forever.
    Hey, that’s a thought.
    The book, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.
    What a lovely keepsake with your poem inscribed inside.

    you are a great mom for writing that.
    Howls to you and your son.


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