Submissive heart

Bed by Laura-Skeff via Deviant

I’ll stay here, hang here, cling here, forever.
I won’t let you down, I want to be better.
I’ll accept it, your discipline, your guidance, your gift.
As long as it’s tempered with sweet tenderness.
I’ll open to you, completely and neatly.
Never hold back, even if it hurts me.
I’ll drip for you, moan for you, scream for you.
Because your power makes me that mess, for you.
I’ll give up myself, and all expectations.
If I don’t, will there be ramifications?
I’ll lick, suck, fuck, writhe, drink your cum.
Please, just please, pleasure me some.
I’ll do all these things and be everything,
If you promise not to take… everything.
I’ll do all these things, I’ll submit to you,
If my pleasure and heart mean the same, to you.

Take it. Hold it. Keep it safe.
My heart and my submission…
Reside… in the same place.

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