Let me love you

Come, baby girl, sit on my lap.
Feel safe
Let me love you.

A kiss on the forehead,
To melt away the worries that haunt you.

A kiss on the nose,
To show you, you are cherished.

A kiss on each fingertip,
Because you are precious to me.

A kiss on each palm,
Because everything you do is precious to me.

A kiss on your lips,
To steal your breath.

Another, deeper kiss,
To give you MY breath.

A kiss in your hair,
Because I need your essence.

A kiss behind your ear,
To make you my mess.

Come baby,
Now give me your kisses.


Feel safe.

Let me love you.

Child's love

Under my skin by quicksilverq via DeviantArt.com

You are indelible,
You’ve made life incredible.

You love me fiercely litttle man,
My sweetest guide, my biggest fan.

The purest love you rain on me,
Which promises to last eternally.

Like magic marker on my heart,
You make the best kind of mark.

And now, life’s blessings promise to,
Gift me that much more like you!

But don’t worry, precious little one,
My love is bigger than the sun.

And though it overflows in its magnitude,
It will always, always be meant for you.