starry_night_sky_couple_nature_hd-wallpaper-456277I lay
Hot, sweating,
Wrapped up in you.

You press
Gently, stirring,
Turning me to goo.

I sigh
Sweetly, desperately,
Wondering if this is real.

You kiss
Anxiously, tentatively,
Making fire we both feel.

I moan
Writhing, wriggling,
Silently begging for more.

You bite
Nipping, sinking,
Sure to leave me sore.

I plead
Whimpering, whining,
For your fingers to seek.

You touch
Circling, swirling,
Raising me to love’s peak.

I cry,
Exploding, crashing,
Burning with desire’s flame.

You turn,
Forcing, invading,
Growling deep my name.

I gasp,
Simpering, summoning,
Another climax impending.

You drive,
Pounding, slamming,
Deep into outer space, sending.

I scream,
Muffled, unintelligible,
My inner core you’ve breached.

You roar,
Pulsing, throbbing,
Orgasm intensely reached.

I tremble,
Vibrating, quivering,
I am thoroughly spent.

You groan,
Stroking, caressing,
Backing free of my rent.

I whisper,
Loving, thanking,
Disappearing into the night.

You smile,
Blissful, sated,
“Now maybe you’ll sleep right.”

21 thoughts on “Insomnia

    1. Holy sweet mother of Jesus Mel. You must publish your compilation of erotic poetry. I have to go to work now thanks for that imagery!!!!


  1. Well, well now isn’t this something. I am new to this blog, but I was wondering if you’ve ever dealt with the erotic effects of “titty-fucking” or “Spanish-style?”


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