Internal alarm clock,
Doesn’t register the day,
Awakens me quietly,
With thoughts of play.

My warm, naked skin,
Feels alive inside,
Soft, sweet smelling sheets,
No rules to abide.

My fingers explore,
Hot, ample breasts,
Pinching tight peaks,
Biting lip through tests.

Love the link between,
Pebbled points and core,
Continue rolling and squeezing,
Until those tips are sore.

My hands stroke down,
Silky, soft, sensitive skin,
Between scalding, damp thighs,
With delectable thoughts of sin.

Wet, swollen lips encase,
Delicate folds drenched in silk,
Love’s glorious fuck button,
Begging for pleasure to milk.

My quiet sighs turn to pants,
As I tease and please and squeeze,
Hips becoming impatient,
Rise aloft to height of knees.

Pushing into my haven,
Fullness and tightness collide,
One, two, maybe three,
Wriggling, pressing inside.

Catch myself from moaning,
Spouse I wish not to wake,
Though his fingers are much better,
Best left for sleeps sake.

Both hands work together
Slipping, gripping and sliding,
Sending me into that trance,
Self pleasure, so inviting.

My thoughts, dark and twisty,
This fantasy is something new,
It’s luscious, sticky, and sadistic,
Oh, I doubt I’ll ever share with you.

But this dream pushes me,
Deep into a torrid trance,
As I swirl, twirl, knead and fuck,
In this pre-orgasmic dance.

I’m rising against the current,
Pressing upward into the sun,
Waves soothing and crashing,
Until the burn is finally done.

Lying back, calm my breath,
Glance toward my lover,
Clock tells me not to push,
There isn’t time for another.

Easy satisfaction had,
Release is so divine,
Thanks to my dark dreams,
The pleasure is all mine.

‘Fascinating’ by RM91 on

13 thoughts on “Morning

  1. My mind was awakened
    by a sudden, gentle stir
    The source unbeknown
    but I sensed there was a purr.

    I felt a shift in the bed
    as more senses came alert
    And as the bed sheets fluff
    like a shifting grass skirt

    My brain went to work
    as all senses were alive
    Just what was happening
    mind racing past overdrive

    Is this all just my dream
    my brain trying to decide
    More rustling and movements
    perhaps a dream from this bride

    The ears heard the whimper
    could she really be awake
    A jolt from her body
    like a mini earth quake

    Her breath now heavy
    and my mind getting weak
    As through the darkness
    I spy her fingers at play on her peak

    I could see the pinch and twist
    of her nipples so taught
    Did her fingers ache with desire
    Were her loins now her thought

    Again the sheets shift
    hers curious fingers explore
    Further south they proceed
    Her mind seeking more

    My olfactory senses
    were the next to the game
    Not seeing but sensing
    their dance just the same

    The muskiness prevailed
    as my nose drank in the smell
    Again and again
    her chest rose and fell

    Oh the thrill of the chase
    as they move to and fro
    Making puffy lips rise
    and sensuous hips also

    The weight on the bed
    now shifting this way and that
    Announced this was no dream
    stuffed under her hair hat

    This was deliberate
    my thoughts trapped in a maze
    Do I make her my captive
    My mind said through a haze

    Her beautiful moan
    momentarily escaped
    Her body convulsed and shuddered
    The bed sheets kept her caped

    Next she went rigid
    as hips thrust in the air
    The orgasm had gripped hard
    my maiden so fair

    I felt cheated and sad
    as breathing slowed down
    My opportunity came and went
    like a thief with a crown

    To grab it meant revealing
    my position by her side
    Of knowing the joy came
    which her body could not hide

    I need you
    I shouted from deep in my head
    No sound came out
    Oh my God, was I dead?

    Then she was gone
    I must have been dreaming
    I said to myself
    my thoughts now beaming

    My chance to participate
    had just come and gone
    But there’s always tomorrow
    I smile and I yawn

    Have patience with me dear wife
    I feel your pain
    Will join me next night
    and do it all for me again?



    1. Whew, this is a HOT way to awaken in your winter woderland! 😉 One, two, three…yes! Please share the fantasy…so we can all enjoy it with you. 😉


  2. To let you know about me
    Would create difficulty Mel
    I must be anonymous
    So you’ll never tell

    As I crave your words
    My identity a secret
    I’ll follow your trail
    Like Jimminy Cricket

    He too says
    I should tell you my tale
    But a tale is a tail
    For someone quite frail

    So for now just a thought
    From someone afar
    A secret admirer
    Who knows just how you are

    Perhaps one day
    When you roll in your sleep
    It’s not a strangers arms
    Your trust you will keep

    Be loyal to your husband
    Trust his vow and yours
    It’s your treasure to keep
    Fore his love to you pours

    So am I a stranger
    But not a stranger at all
    Just someone you know
    Who waits to catch your fall

    I mean you no harm
    So don’t send me away
    But if you reply
    I’ll speak the same way



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