starry_night_sky_couple_nature_hd-wallpaper-456277I lay
Hot, sweating,
Wrapped up in you.

You press
Gently, stirring,
Turning me to goo.

I sigh
Sweetly, desperately,
Wondering if this is real.

You kiss
Anxiously, tentatively,
Making fire we both feel.

I moan
Writhing, wriggling,
Silently begging for more.

You bite
Nipping, sinking,
Sure to leave me sore.

I plead
Whimpering, whining,
For your fingers to seek.

You touch
Circling, swirling,
Raising me to love’s peak.

I cry,
Exploding, crashing,
Burning with desire’s flame.

You turn,
Forcing, invading,
Growling deep my name.

I gasp,
Simpering, summoning,
Another climax impending.

You drive,
Pounding, slamming,
Deep into outer space, sending.

I scream,
Muffled, unintelligible,
My inner core you’ve breached.

You roar,
Pulsing, throbbing,
Orgasm intensely reached.

I tremble,
Vibrating, quivering,
I am thoroughly spent.

You groan,
Stroking, caressing,
Backing free of my rent.

I whisper,
Loving, thanking,
Disappearing into the night.

You smile,
Blissful, sated,
“Now maybe you’ll sleep right.”