Our night

Night by psiheya via DeviantArt.com

fingers tangled
like our hopes
my dreams float
on an autumn breeze
beneath the moonlight
my nails in your
my heart in your
we are wild reason
tamed by constant
I climb inside
head first
to feel the kiss
of loves sweet
perfect pleasure
in every step
until the exquisite
brings my hands
to rest
on warm damp cheeks
the essence of us
mingling with
the crisp night
the salty breath
of my release
see me
as I ache
to be seen
never let go
hold my hand
as we walk on
the night

Yours to free

My soul is on fire by Julie-de-Waroquier
My soul is on fire by Julie-de-Waroquier via DeviantArt.com

fingers bringing life
to my skin
tangled hair
coercing a response
where words have
no grip
free my soul
from its cage
locked down by
obligation and duty
hold it tightly
in the dark as
it fills with
these flat letters
cannot compete
with your touch
but let me try
so that you
might feel the fire
in my love
aching to burn
through us as
you take
what is
hear my breath
holding my secrets
make me give them to you
without tears
without words
steal them as you’ve
stolen my heart
in countless
kisses and strokes
that bind me to
this reality but
set my soul ablaze
there is no shame
in my flames
only in extinguishing them
tell me again
over and over
until you have
no voice to do so
I am yours
yours for eternity
only set me free
so that I might
to do
your bidding


Grizzly bear ROAR by eidolic

It was my hunt
a quest
to tame the rage filled
coax him into
the warm, soft haven
of my mouth
to taste with
ravenous hunger
the far edges
of my bravery
and desire
when this beast
laps sweetly
at the honey
between my quivering
it is then that I take
my prey
within the net of
my passion
and in return
I am
ripped to shreds
then pieced
in loving renewal
made better
and more whole
by the healing balm
of keening kisses
and rough,
my precious


Image: Grizzly bear ROAR by eidolic



Crack open the moon
You’ll find me
Rubbing the glitter
Of twilight
Into my lips
Combing the shades
Of sunset
From my fur
Dancing to
The song of the
Crickets and frogs
In the grasses
Of lunar ecstacy
Find me
But leave my
Broken moon
Come rescue
This grey girl
From the cold
Hard loneliness
Of winter nights
Howling in the
Dark, or
Frosty spring mornings
Shivering in the
Let us walk along
The edge of reason
The shores of logic
The bridges over
The sultry purple
Sky of dusk
Reminds us
Always comes
And the future
Could be
Far brighter
That feral feeding
We call
Our moon



feel my rays

warming you
through you
and shining

feel my skin

velveteen peaches
what ails you
and making
a new ache
deep inside

feel my love

wet and silky
coating you
with the juice
of life
as I work my
on your flesh

feel my sunrise

filling you
until you are
full and thick

feel the heat
of my noontime

as I grind out
the fervor
of the day

feel my sunset

as we explode
into a
of color and light

the world around
with the passion
and pleasure
of the sun
her moon

feel my sunshine

make it your own

Image from DeviantArt.com, ‘Sunshine’ by CandyFlosser


There is so much ugliness in the world today. It overwhelms you, disgusts you and detracts from your perfection. 

I will be the beauty that diverts you from it. A muse to help you ruminate the delicacy of life.

With silky waves of gold and bronze, cascading around my soft, pale shoulders.

With cherry lips, curved in a pouty smile, and the curious tongue to wet them.

With clear turquoise eyes, that glimmer and shine, lined with curled lashes, entrancing you with my sultry wink.

With the sweet, pink blush that rises over my cheekbones, lighting my skin from within in my arousal.

With soft, heavy breasts peaked with velvety, pink pebbles, taught and begging for attention.

With the pleasant, hourglass shape of my frame, enhanced by my posture, as I own my femininity.

With strong, bare arms to control my delighting hands and gratifying fingers, all too eager to please and enchant.

With the curve and dip of my lower back, and glorious, round lift of my derriere, beguiling you with just a sway of my hip.

With the tapered, luscious thighs that beg to be parted, raising my calves on polished tip toe.

With the sweet, moist folds that divert all attention to the intoxicating pleasure which resides within my core.

I’ll stand before you, lips parted, glowing with desire, and impatient with need.

I won’t let the news keep you low, I will lift you up with my passion and lust.

I won’t let the world weigh on you, I will pluck it off with my love and kisses.

I won’t let the flaws of society hold you back, I will soothe and cover them with my devotion and affection.

Take in my naked loveliness and allow nature to take over.

Inhale the scent of my skin and allow your animal instincts to kick in.

Absorb my radiating arousal and allow attraction to course through you.

Touch me, feel me, kiss me, lick me, bite me, smack me, grab me, take me.

This is all that matters, you’ll see.

The delicacy after all, is me!