Yours to free

My soul is on fire by Julie-de-Waroquier
My soul is on fire by Julie-de-Waroquier via

fingers bringing life
to my skin
tangled hair
coercing a response
where words have
no grip
free my soul
from its cage
locked down by
obligation and duty
hold it tightly
in the dark as
it fills with
these flat letters
cannot compete
with your touch
but let me try
so that you
might feel the fire
in my love
aching to burn
through us as
you take
what is
hear my breath
holding my secrets
make me give them to you
without tears
without words
steal them as you’ve
stolen my heart
in countless
kisses and strokes
that bind me to
this reality but
set my soul ablaze
there is no shame
in my flames
only in extinguishing them
tell me again
over and over
until you have
no voice to do so
I am yours
yours for eternity
only set me free
so that I might
to do
your bidding

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