Woman within rings like Saturn
Thoughts about Saturn by sophiaazhou via

Pacing the halls of my mind

Searching for the door

That might give voice

To this discomfort

But each room is locked

Or filled with

Too much


There is no sense to make

When you are

Orbiting the sun

Saturn, encompassed

By its own glorious


Trapped in the center

Unable to be

Anything else

But everyday


That without them

I may just

Float away

And so I do the dance

Round and round

Closing the doors within

Shouting at


That the rooms will


Be empty

We all spin

But in sync

And our paths are

As simple as


a day

Born from Ashes by Ketixrei
Born from Ashes by Ketixrei via

it burns
fierce and brilliant
scorching every surface
inside and out
engulfed completely
for eternity
or just a day
until it finally dims
to a fine silken dust
with magic daring enough
to stand against
a storm
raging winds, torrential rain
the wicked clap of
fate’s thunder
shaking it into thin
hills and valleys
tributaries of God’s anger
opening in the cracks
filling with the dark rain
of days gone
but when the clouds part
something stirs from within
a thing born without
fear or pain
simply awakening
a fluttering that presses ashes
into wings
glowing like ropes of sunshine
lighting up
the dark
coaxing itself loose
to open it’s wings
in fluid breaths
sending death
to the wind
with a flurry of hopes
but not without leaving


Beyond the dark

The edge of the forgotten

I continue on… over… past…

Crossing the withering stream

Of my ambition

I find the other side looks

No different

My precious words

Sunk like pebbles in the

Black abyss below

Shall I dive in?

Collect them and save them

From what?

There will be more, they say

You will find them again, they say

Your time will come

They say

But the dark water below

Holds onto all my secrets

All my plans and dreams and hopes

All my lies and defeat and guilt

All my inspiration

All my intangible love

Maybe I’m too scared

To do anything

But cross

Maybe this bridge is only that

Part of my path

And stepping off is simply

Walking into the future

But oh, how the sun rises

At my back

The side I came from

Lit by the magic and beauty

Of everything I used to be

Don’t look back

Just cross


That everything

Has it’s time

And the sun that rises



One Year

The air is the same
The sky hasn’t changed
The ground beneath my feet
Is just as solid
But everything is different

A tiny babe has grown
Into a gorgeous toddler
A job that bored me to tears
Has undergone metamorphosis
A love turned to hate turned to ash
Is now abandoned indifference

Friendships have waned and grown
My consummate struggle
The inability to be a proper friend

Family has ebbed into simplistic living
Sharing space in respectful admiration
Where conflict does not reside

Future is now my joy to imagine
With a heart fuller and brighter
Than I ever could have dreamed
Glowing with the magical light
Of a five hour sunrise

One year
Post apocalypse

One year
Balancing the blades I honed for myself

One year
Seeking and finding sweet Melissa

Nothing in life is perfect

But perfection
Can only
Be born



The wild

The wildness presses itself against every pore on my body. The inside, desperate to extrude itself.

To introduce itself to the world.
To be known, felt, seen.
To thrash about in the foreign openness.

Learning to breath.
Learning to walk.
Learning to live.

Tired of being taken out and stuffed back in over and over. The wild, in seeking freedom, is taking over.

It manipulates my very sight and breath, taste and hearing, letting me feel the world anew in every waking hour.

How have I lived for so long without ever truly quenching my thirst, sating my hunger, hearing the ever present truth, or touching…

Really touching?
Being touched?
Feeling what it is to be touched?

Obsessed with the attention, never paid properly, I’m impatient for the sensation of being the object of desire.
The wildness knows.

And as it threatens complete devastation in order to be free,

I no longer fear the uncertainty of that freedom. But I clutch at what I know, overwhelmed with the chaos of emotion roiling within me.

I cling to the present, ignoring the numbness of the past, and hiding from the knowledge that the wild within me is installing directly into my spirit.

I hide from him, because it’s habit.
I hide from them, because it’s natural.
I hide from you, because. . .

The wild awoke beneath your stare, the beast became within this creation I built for you, the inside turned outside purely because of your presence.

And as I cling to the covers, hiding from the dark and begging the light to return, like the scared little girl I’ve always been, I simply do not know how to stop.

Instinctually, I hide.

From my wild.

But still, I call to the beast within…

Everything and Nothing

Everything's Possible by karfozy via
Everything’s Possible by karfozy via

The battle wages within.

She is a champion, driven and dependable. The heart of an empath.  The blood of a warrior. The mind of a scholar. The smile of an angel.

But inside, she is a failure. A fraud. A broken down actress who fakes it because she doesn’t know any other way.

She is everything. Yet… She is nothing.

Do you see her there? Pushing herself in every attempt to attain perfection. Striving constantly to one up herself.

Do you understand what it takes to persist without persistence, to subsist without sustenance?

She is everything. No. She is nothing.

He sees her. Watching her struggles and successes. He is proud of her, regardless of her endeavor or its outcome.

But she is blind to his adoration and deaf to his respect. She can only feel her own isolation. She cannot be taught.

She is everything. But, she is nothing.

Until… He makes her see. He makes her feel. He makes her learn.

The world shrinks and life seems manageable. The darkness doesn’t seem so black and the lightness isn’t so blindingly bright.

She learns of respect, worth and hope. She finds peace in the corners she once ignored. And finally, basking in the warmth of self actualization… She is the sunset and the sunrise.

She does not have to be everything.

She was never, ever nothing.