Holding me

With your arms wrapped around me,
Can you feel how you’re holding me together?
Far from a simple embrace,
You are stitching me and mending me
With your love.

With each squeeze,
You pick up the pieces that have fallen.
With each kiss on my neck,
You work the puzzle into place.
With each breath at my ear,
You seek out the missing parts.
And with every whispered word,
You glue me back together,
You fill the tiny gaps,
You sand me and smooth me,
To perfection.

Will you keep holding me,
And help me when the cracks
Will you be strong enough,
To hold on for both of us
Without fear?
Will you use your love,
To balance my will and your pace
Through my tears?

Hold onto me
Into eternity.

As long as you are holding me,
I know that I won’t ever
Fall apart.

And as you keep me together,
I promise…
I’ll be holding you, too.

6 thoughts on “Holding me

  1. I feel like M is putting me back together sometimes. Re-applying the glue that keeps everything aligned. I can still function without it, but I am much more efficient with it. A better me.

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