Pet me, please

When your kitten saunters over, climbs into your lap and purrs…

Pet me, please.

When she’s quiet and clingy and can’t look you in the eye…

Pet me, please.

When she’s sweet and sexy, and kneels at your feet…

Pet me, please.

When she lies next to you and cries, and you have no idea why…

Pet me, please.

When your precious girl asks you to love her… if you can…

Make room for me.
Hold my hand.
Kiss me like you want to.
Touch me, hold me, play with my hair.

Pet me, please.
Pretty please?


5 thoughts on “Pet me, please

  1. I am sending this to DH in an email. This is how I’m feeling tonight. I need his hands on me, stroking me. I hate to have to constantly angle for it or ask for it. As we sat on the couch watching a movie, he invited me to sit next to him, I did. But that was it. 😦 So, I allowed my skirt to ride way up over my thighs and I tilted my bare legs near his. Still nothing. I gently took his hand and laid it over my thighs. He allowed it to rest there, and gave a little squeeze. Ahhhh. Connection! As we spoon in our bedtime cuddle, he lays with his arm casually draped over my naked torso, not “feeling” me. Last night I placed his hand on my warm breast, and asked him to please tell me what was “his.” He obliged to the request, quickly and briefly skimming over my body and “claiming” his property. “Mmmmm, sir, I love when you do that, when you tell me what is yours…” It had to be requested though. Tonight I asked if he could give me a quick back scratch. When I ask he obliges. OBLIGES. But he is still so far away from initiating all the pets, strokes and cuddles that I crave. So your words really resonate for me tonight.

    Oh, and “kiss me like you want to…” One better: KISS ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT!


  2. PS– I don’t mean to be so negative. I want to rewrite the entirety of above with positive statements, like “a year ago he wouldn’t have asked me to sit by him on the couch,” or “left his hand where I placed it;” or even have a bedtime cuddle. “Claiming” what is his would have been done in a clownish and kidding way. Now he “gets” that it’s important to me. Since my DH is older and more tired and lower T… I know that sex isn’t possible for him as much as I desire. And I know that when he realizes he can’t perform, he doesn’t want to build my expectations. I need to be clearer to him that all touch need not be a prelude to sex, but rather just a desire for skin connections, to feel his strong hands on me.

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