Know me

Darker than you realized
More wicked than you understood
I tried to show you many times
As often as I could

My fantasies are lurid
My desires, deviant
But my love for you is solid
Please don’t say you can’t

Let me test your limits
Let me explore your mind
Let me show you inside me
Please don’t remain so blind

I want you more than anything
I want you to really see
I want YOU to be my fantasy
But you must get to know the real me

Pin Up Girl



You see her and can’t tear your eyes away.

Her soft, full lips beg to be kissed.
Her seductive stare with thick, long lashes almost seems alive with lust.
Her skin that seems almost impossibly flawless.
Her body… It doesn’t matter what she wears, her body needs to be bent to your will!

To be the pretty, little thing young men fantasize about.
To be the conquest more confident men would strive for.
To be the object that might meet your every desire.

She wants to be your pin up girl.
Hung in your closet.
Taped to the wall above your work bench.
Pinned to the door of your playroom.

You know she wants you.
Imagine if she were yours!
Wonder if she’s real…

I want to be a pin up girl.

Pet me, please

When your kitten saunters over, climbs into your lap and purrs…

Pet me, please.

When she’s quiet and clingy and can’t look you in the eye…

Pet me, please.

When she’s sweet and sexy, and kneels at your feet…

Pet me, please.

When she lies next to you and cries, and you have no idea why…

Pet me, please.

When your precious girl asks you to love her… if you can…

Make room for me.
Hold my hand.
Kiss me like you want to.
Touch me, hold me, play with my hair.

Pet me, please.
Pretty please?


Just Because


You do not need a reason.

Just because.

When you lean in to kiss the skin of my breast, peaking above my neckline, you need no excuse at all.

When your hands explore me, even when time and place is inappropriate, you need not offer a defense.

When you press against me in the kitchen, and tease me with those delicious lips, you need not explain yourself.

When you lie in bed, feeling that which you cannot explain, and simply want me to climb on top of you to make you forget, you do not need a reason.

You never need a reason.

Whenever you want me, I am yours. Kiss me, spank me, rub me, hold me…
Whenever you need me, I will do anything to please you. I will kiss you, stroke you, lick you, suck you…
Whenever… Wherever… I am your plaything, your softness, your heat, your safe haven. Tell me what to do, and how.

You do not need a reason, my love.

I am yours.

Just because.

Just one more…

Just one more tender kiss,
against the soft, sensitive skin under my chin,
the sweet spot on my wrist or the ticklish crook of my arm,
across my collarbone or the dip at the base of my throat,
on one or both of my soft, delicious breasts,
just above my belly button or lower,
on a different button.

Just one more wet, swirling lick,
over my delicate points that long for your attention,
even after enduring your luxurious torture,
against my swollen lips or inside their slippery folds,
deep inside my ever aching core or down further, still,
to venture where you’ve never gone before.

Just one more demanding pinch,
of my soft, round behind which never gets enough attention.

Just one more smack, …hurt me, please?

Just one more bite, …you know the spot.

Just one more command,
Just one more naughty word,
Just one more sweet name,
Just one more delectable taste,
Just one more exhilarating thrust.

Just one more rare occasion where you’re in charge, and I am not.

Just one more moment of being wanted by you.

Just one more minute where the only thing that matters to you is me.

Just one more second of being yours, in the most perfect way.

Just one more incredible release, that mixes our breath, essence, and soul.

Just one more…


Just one more hypnotic kiss, cuddled in your lap, my fingers tangled in your beard, and our hearts racing each other to “I love you’s.”

Just one more…

Dark Dream

At the start of this dark dream,
I cannot hear anything but my voice.
I cannot see anything except myself.

I’m grasping in the blackness for you,
Pleading with you to speak to me.
Begging you to touch me.

I know you are there,
I can feel your presence.
I can sense you.

But you still don’t speak or reach for me,
I begin to cry and scream.
“Why don’t you want me?”

Finally I feel your grip,
As you tightly wrap your fingers around my throat.
As you viciously restrain my wrists.

I still cannot see you,
Something distorts my vision.
Something dark, thick and heavy.

“Why don’t you want me? Sir,
Tell me what you want.
Tell me what you need.”

“You don’t know how,” your voice is cold,
I cannot fulfill your desires.
I cannot be your charge.

You release me, but it feels as though you never had me,
I stand and await your command.
I do not remove the blinder.

I whimper into the darkness,
You beckon me to find you.
I anxiously set out towards your voice.

I sense your presence closer,
I reach you, knowing it, without touching you.
I fall to my knees at your feet.

“Why don’t you want me?”
The question hangs in the air.
You remove the mask from my eyes.

You sit before me, bathed in the darkness,
My flesh, untouched.
My lips, unkissed.

I search your empty eyes,
You do not see me.
You do not hear me.

You beckon for me again,
But I’m right before you.
If you’d just reach out, you’d feel me.

“Why don’t you want me?”
Your eyes pierce my soul.
Your tears sting as if they were my own.

“Please, Sir. You’re hurting me…”
Your gaze finally finds mine.
You finally heard me.

“I cannot truly hurt you,
That’s the draw, pumpkin.
You’ll have to hurt yourself.”

I actually would hurt myself for you,
I would do it everyday.
Because you can’t hurt me.

Because I need to be hurt.

Because you need me to be hurt.

Because you actually DO hurt me.


“Why don’t you want me?”

And then I awake,
My heart in my throat.
My nails digging into my palms.

Hurting myself.

For you.

The sadist in my dreams.