Pet me, please

When your kitten saunters over, climbs into your lap and purrs…

Pet me, please.

When she’s quiet and clingy and can’t look you in the eye…

Pet me, please.

When she’s sweet and sexy, and kneels at your feet…

Pet me, please.

When she lies next to you and cries, and you have no idea why…

Pet me, please.

When your precious girl asks you to love her… if you can…

Make room for me.
Hold my hand.
Kiss me like you want to.
Touch me, hold me, play with my hair.

Pet me, please.
Pretty please?


Sweet Dessert

I wish I could peel back my wrapper,
Break apart the dark sweetness inside,
So that I might share it with you,
Allow you to take pleasure from me in a new way.

I wish you could taste my gift,
One deliciously decadent bite at a time,
So that it might be a part of you,
Allow you to organize your emotions as I do.

I wish I could get you addicted to me,
With my special allure, savoring my words,
So that you might crave me, need me,
Allow me to teach you how.

I wish I could entice you to use me,
To use my gift as if it were your own,
So that I might know what your heart feels,
Allow me to experience words dedicated to me.

I wish, sweet husband, that you’d devour me completely,
Leaving nothing behind but that pretty, shiny wrapper,
So that I might feel the freedom that lies within you,
Allow me to live inside of you, in your heart and soul.

I wish that, since that isn’t possible,
You would nibble on me at every opportunity,
So that I might experience love the way I can,
Allow us to enjoy the dessert that is us, often.

How’s your sweet tooth?


Just one more…

Just one more tender kiss,
against the soft, sensitive skin under my chin,
the sweet spot on my wrist or the ticklish crook of my arm,
across my collarbone or the dip at the base of my throat,
on one or both of my soft, delicious breasts,
just above my belly button or lower,
on a different button.

Just one more wet, swirling lick,
over my delicate points that long for your attention,
even after enduring your luxurious torture,
against my swollen lips or inside their slippery folds,
deep inside my ever aching core or down further, still,
to venture where you’ve never gone before.

Just one more demanding pinch,
of my soft, round behind which never gets enough attention.

Just one more smack, …hurt me, please?

Just one more bite, …you know the spot.

Just one more command,
Just one more naughty word,
Just one more sweet name,
Just one more delectable taste,
Just one more exhilarating thrust.

Just one more rare occasion where you’re in charge, and I am not.

Just one more moment of being wanted by you.

Just one more minute where the only thing that matters to you is me.

Just one more second of being yours, in the most perfect way.

Just one more incredible release, that mixes our breath, essence, and soul.

Just one more…


Just one more hypnotic kiss, cuddled in your lap, my fingers tangled in your beard, and our hearts racing each other to “I love you’s.”

Just one more…