Lost in Lethe by mkaphotography via

“I’m sure he’s the answer.”
“The answer to what?”
“My questions.”
“To the questions you didn’t understand.”
“I still don’t.”
“Then how can you be sure?”
“How can we be sure of anything?”
“That sounds like something he would say.”
…You infected me with this. You made me start all this. Why?”
“Because you want it, need it. Next, you’re going to ask why life isn’t fair.”
“No… but why is life so limited? Why are our mistakes so heavy? Why are our successes so fleeting?”
“You ask the best questions, dear child.”
“I thought he was the answer. To all of them.”
“You want him to be. But the answers are in the questions.”
“Why are you here again? Why do you haunt my dreams?”
“Always more questions. If you would just surrender–”
“I don’t know how. I can’t ‘surrender’. I want to quit.”
“I know you do, sweet child. That is why I’m here.”
“Just let go. Just leave me.”
“Not until you see what I see, what he sees, what everyone sees…”
“Don’t talk about my magic. It’s not real.”
“But it is. You believed for a moment, and look what you created?”
“A mess.”
No, little girl. Life. Joy. Strength. Renewal. Use that magic to free yourself as you have others.”
“I’m too afraid.”
“I thought you learned this lesson. Have hope. Find hope and cling to it. Hope destroys fear.”
“Hope that I’ll figure out how to let go of my dreams?”
“If you surrender, you won’t have to let go of your dreams.”
“He doesn’t want my surrender.”
“Have you asked him?”
“This is impossible.”
“Nothing is impossible.”
“Plenty is impossible.”
“The things you think are impossible, dear one, are the ones most worth fighting for.”
“What am I supposed to do?”
“I’ve told you repeatedly. It took a note from a stranger to make you listen… to make you see.”
“What if I’m not capable? What if my will is too strong?”
“It isn’t.”
“What if my desire is too strong?”
“It isn’t.”
“I wish you would tell me exactly what to do.”
I am. I have been, pretty girl. You are confusing yourself.”
“You confused me… I’m still confused… The forms you choose confuse me.”
“You choose the vessel. I am simply a part of you. …You are confused because you continue to argue, to struggle against what you want more than anything.”
“Why do I struggle against myself?”
“If you could answer that question and stop, you would find peace. In surrender.”
“I don’t know…”
“Nothing is impossible, sweet girl. The word itself says I’m Possible. Believe in yourself the way the world believes in you, and you will find all the answers to all the questions.

“They are right inside of you!”

21 thoughts on “Impossible

      1. I’ll tell you this in honesty and as a pal. There are times when I would say your writing is as good as if not the better of anyone on the site. Always a pleasure to read. 🙂


      2. Wow! That is some compliment! Thank you. In honesty, coming from someone of your level of talent, I am tempted to believe you…


  1. My favorite part: impossible=i’m possible.

    When I read this it was as if the words were being said as fast as possible and almost jumbling up on top of each other. It made me think of my inner dialogs with my stubborn brat. But she is never this positive.

    You are doing it, my friend. Slow and steady wins the war. (Who cares about the race?)


    1. Thank you Angel, that’s one of my favorite wordplays.

      Slow and steady is taxing. But I know you’re right. I have to stay positive, fortunately my dreams keep me that way.


      1. February… that little plus sign shook the ground beneath my feet.

        But very important things are happening now. Even if they are tiny and scattered like cupcake sprinkles, they’re still better than a plain old vanilla cupcake!


  2. That image has a surreal quality. Beautiful writing.

    It’s always just a leap of faith. Ready, not ready. Able, not able. It’s all just perfectly imperfect and there’s nothing wrong with that.


    1. I find that the one thing everyone has encouraged me to do all this time is the thing I struggle to do the most… but I will get there. That leap of faith does call to me.


      1. You’ll make the leap. Once you do you’ll wonder why you waited so long. But here’s a trick…if you make the leap and it’s not what you were hoping for you can always go back. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


  3. A deep, powerful dialogue to encourage that keeping on, keep trying, keep pushing. I imagine that we’ve all had doubts and questions. Having responses like this are incredibly encouraging. Like this line that knocked it out of the park for me: “The things you think are impossible, dear one, are the ones most worth fighting for.”


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