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As I kissed Samuel goodbye, he pulled me down on top of him, giving me that sexy smirk that always gets me. “Don’t go yet, baby. If you stay, I’ll make it worth your while…”

“I have to go, Sammy. You know I do.” I stroked his scruffy cheek with my knuckles and stared into his sad, grey eyes. “Don’t look at me that way. I’m already on thin ice. If anyone finds out about us, I will lose my job.”

I pressed my lips to his and let his tongue slip inside my mouth. I loved his kisses so much, for a moment I almost didn’t care about losing my job. But a three figure salary is hard to come by, these days. Regardless of whether I was falling in love with my assistant or not.

As I pulled back, he held me tight. I sighed and touched my forehead to his, “Samuel…”
“I want to quit, Lex. If I quit, we can be together.”
“No. I won’t let you give up the tuition reimbursement you’ve busted your ass to get for the last 22 months. In a few more months, you’ll put in for a promotion and we’ll be free to do what we want. Let’s not fuck that up.”

Groaning his assent, he finally released me. After I stood, I stroked his cheek again, his soft, three days of growth tickling my fingers. “I love you, Sammy. We will be together… If that’s what you really want. But for now, let’s stick to the plan.”

He rose, enveloping me in his arms and bent to whisper in my ear, “We already are together, baby. You are mine, despite my inability to claim you publicly.” His breath trailed across my ear and down my neck before he sank his teeth into my skin, sending tremors throughout my body.

“Fuck, Sammy… You do know how to make a mess of me.”

His hand snaked up into my hair and he yanked my head back, “I’ve got to leave my mark somehow,” he growled before kissing me and pressing into me so that I could feel that I was making a mess of him as well.

If I’d allowed myself the moment to think, I would’ve made the smart decision.

But that night, my body and heart did not allow my brain that moment. As I pushed him back onto his couch, and stripped off my shirt, his delicious cock was the only thing on my mind.

He gaped at me for only a second before grabbing my hand and pulling me to straddle him. “God, I love you, babe,” he whispered in my hair while his hands explored my curves. “And if fucking you is the only way I can show it, I’m going to fuck you till you forget and then fuck you till you remember.”

And, that he did. When I woke, I was so sore, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk. Somehow, we’d ended up on his kitchen table and as I stood, I actually felt sure he had bruised my cervix. I had bite marks on my breasts and upper thigh. My head hurt like he pounded me into a wall… Oh, he did.

“Damn you, you luscious man,” I breathed, as I made my way to a cabinet to get some Motrin.

It was still early, but when I saw the time, I started to panick.

Samuel lived in the apartment building down the block from our office. Generally, I would leave my car parked in the garage, and walk down with a few coworkers to have a drink or two at this pub down the street. Before the others left, Samuel would take off, and I was almost always the last to leave. That way, no one had a clue what my plans really were.

I’d noticed the mail guy, Duane, was still there when I left a few times, but I knew he rode a bicycle to work every day, so he wouldn’t notice my car, still parked in the garage. Or so I thought.

I quickly dressed and tried to make myself look as though I hadn’t been fucked sideways for the last five hours. When I bent to kiss Sammy on the forehead, he mumbled something about my pussy, and I smiled at the thought of him having raunchy dreams about me.

Ducking out the side entrance of the building, as I generally do, I walked quickly up the alley. It was well before sunrise, and I practiced the lie I would tell if anyone asked about my car being in the garage all night. I searched my purse for my keys, but when I reached the end of the alley, I ran directly into the chest of that creep, Duane.

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He was tall and lanky, the long haired but nerdy type, but he didn’t flinch at all when I plowed into him. When I looked up, the grin on his lips seemed a lot like a sneer, and his eyes were positively alive with internal laughter.

“Ms. Reynolds,” he said in that gravelly voice that always made me uneasy. “What on earth has you out this late… Your studly assistant’s cock, no doubt.”

I feigned complete shock and disgust. “Duane, now, please. You know it is against company policy for me to fraternize with my assistant!” I was a pretty good liar. I’d gotten myself out of plenty of tight spots in my thirty something years. I wasn’t going to let this 28 year old dork bowl me over.

“I felt a little sick after I left the pub. One too many cocktails, I suppose. Samuel was kind enough to let me sleep it off, on his sofa.”

Duane chuckled and this time, his sneer was completely obvious. “Please don’t lie, Alexis. You definitely weren’t sleeping on that sofa with Sammy.” Just then, I noticed his phone in his hand. He turned it to face me, and I watched as the amazing sexcapades I had just revelled in, played out, in full color, on that little screen in his hand.

“I really would have thought the two of you would be smart enough to realize you were perfectly visible from the fire escape. I really would have thought that you, Alexis, would know better than to get into this kind of predicament.”

I stood gaping at him before snatching the phone from his hand. “Before you smash it, and have to replace it, that video is already attached to an email. A message that will be sent out to your boss in exactly two hours, unless I stop it.”

God, his voice was evil. I wanted to spit in his face. I wanted to run back up to Samuel and tell him to beat the loser to a pulp. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

“What do you want, prick? …A promotion? …Money? …Just tell me.” I could feel the tears starting to build. I was never any good at confrontation. I was even worse in desperate situations. “Just tell me, you can have whatever you want. Just leave Sammy out of it.”

He laughed loudly and suddenly grabbed me by the neck. His strength was so surprising that I was coughing and gasping before I realized my toes were no longer on the ground.

“I will have exactly what I want, you snotty, little slut. What I’ve always wanted! You don’t even remember, do you? Turning me down… Telling me you don’t date coworkers. You’re a forgetful little bitch, aren’t you. But now, you’re going to suck my cock whenever I want! I’m gonna fuck every hole in your pretty little body, and then, my friends are gonna pay me, so they can have a turn, as well.”

He set me back on my feet and backed me against the brick wall behind me. I clawed at his fingers, trying to free myself from his grip, but feeling something along with the fear that I didn’t understand. He pressed against me, and I could feel his erection rubbing against my belly as he loosened his grip on my neck. “Don’t fight me, Lex. It will be worse if you fight me.”

His breath in my hair made my skin crawl, yet not in repulsion. I still wanted to spit in his face, but I also wanted to lick it. When his hand left my throat and skimmed down over my breasts, belly and skirt, I tried hard to tell myself it wasn’t worth it. That Samuel and I would find new jobs. But when his fingers slipped under my hem and between my thighs, he breathed the words in my ear that made me incapable of saying no.

“Good girl… Do you agree to my terms? Or should I let the email go?” His fingers pulled my damp panties to the side before sliding up and down my slit. “God, you’re so wet, you little slut. Are you actually turned on by me blackmailing you?” His voice was softer, and I wanted to scream, ‘No, never, you disgust me, you fucking spineless pervert!’

But all that came out of my mouth was, “Yes, Sir.”

The smile that curled his lips was villainous. I hated my body for betraying me. It seemed to always betray me. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and licked them clean. All I could do was stare at him, nauseous and aroused at the same time.

“You and one friend. One time each,” I whispered, trying to hold onto some semblance of self respect.

“Me, as many times as I like, until your boy gets his promotion, and five of my friends… Once.”

“No… I can’t do five.” And then, I started to cry.

I hated myself with a passion in that moment. A moment when I needed to project strength and negotiate terms with this psychopath. Instead, I prove that I am just a girl. A scared, little girl. I covered my face and tried to take a few deep breaths to calm myself. When he peeled my hands away, I expected to see that awful, smug, sneer on his lips. But it wasn’t there.

“Two. Guys Samuel doesn’t know. He won’t find out, I promise.”

Whatever the change was, whatever my tears did to him, I wondered if I should try to press my luck, if maybe Duane really wasn’t the prick he’d been acting like. But then, the sneer returned, and he whispered, “And it starts today. I’m going to walk you back to your car and you’re going to suck my cock like the dirty little whore you are.”

I couldn’t say or do anything. I only nodded, trembling and having awful thoughts about what else he might do to me during the length of this arrangement. Awful, but exciting.


I cried hard as we walked through the garage to my car, while he stopped the email from sending and supposedly deleted the video. I was sure he didn’t, and that he would watch it over and over, at his leisure.  The thought made me nauseous and uneasy, but imagining him pleasuring himself while he watched me get fucked nine different ways, was uncomfortably arousing. I was mortified, turned on, and ridiculously confused.

I wondered if he’d followed me before. If he’d watched, or worse, taken video of Samuel and I on different nights.  I thought back to a night, a few weeks before, when he’d pressed me against that stupid window to the fire escape and fucked my ass. I was so turned on at the time about the idea of someone out there watching… What if Duane had been out there that night, hiding?

When we got into my car, I sat back in the drivers seat, tears still flowing, and gripped the steering wheel for a moment. He turned, in the passenger seat, and reached toward me to wipe my cheeks with his thumb. “You can’t do this every time.” His voice was different, again. But his face remained hard. “Good girls don’t cry.”

How he knew the perfect thing to say, I have no idea. But the tears stopped. I sat baffled for a minute, wondering how this creepy, long-haired, messenger had weaseled his way into my head. I took a deep breath and leaned over him to the passenger automatic seat controls, pressing the seat all the way back so that I’d fit on the floor board in front of him. I reclined the back slightly, and stared into his eyes wondering what had made him like this. Hard and cold.

I hiked up my skirt and straddled him, realizing he’d gone soft and not wanting to suck on him any longer than necessary. I watched the concrete expression on his face disappear as I unbuttoned my blouse to reveal the pretty, hot pink bra that Samuel always loved. He lifted his fingers to skim over the fabric and I threw my head back at the thrill of his touch.

I started to rationalize that my attraction to him was simply a defense mechanism. My mind couldn’t handle the thought of this creep touching me so it tricked me into wanting it.

“Samuel likes to leave his mark, doesn’t he?” He breathing, his fingers trailing the bite marks he had given me earlier. Drawing my attention to them set my mind spinning again. With guilt, humiliation, and fear mixing with his touch and creating a heady cocktail swimming through me.

He pulled down the lace exposing my nipple, and immediately licked and sucked, while groaning his love of tits. I really didn’t want it to, but it felt so, fucking, good that I sighed and arched against his mouth.

I was grinding against his growing cock in no time. He felt very big, and I contemplated just asking if I could ride it. But after the ridiculous fucking that Samuel had just administered, hours before, I was pretty sure it would hurt. Maybe, the combination of pain and pleasure would be heavenly…

His fingers slid between us and under my panties. He teased my clit like he’d done it a thousand times before. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly, trying to pretend he was my Samuel. “Stop it, little girl. Look at me, and don’t pretend it’s anybody but me.”

My eyes flew open, and I couldn’t understand how he knew, how he was so deep into my mind that he could sense my thoughts. The look on his face erased everything, though. He was in ecstasy, making me writhe against his long, thin fingers and his obviously large cock, straining against his khakis. He slipped his other hand into my hair and pulled my lips to his.

I didn’t want to kiss him, but his tongue was like warm sugar and I couldn’t help but allow mine to dance with his. He bit my lip and breathed my air, all while his fingers grew more and more determined, kneading my clit until my climax was eminent.

“Fuck… No, I don’t want to cum with you!” I shouted, trying to wriggle away, but he didn’t let me. He rubbed and circled some more before whispering against my lips, “You’re a terrible liar, Lex. Fucking cum. Cum now.”

His words did me in, and I felt that luscious release. Wave after wave of unwanted bliss. He didn’t stop until I collapsed against his shoulder. His mouth found my neck, kissing softly up to my ear, “I want to fuck you.”

I’m not sure how, but within moments, he had freed his erection and ripped my panties clean off of me. He lifted me and I tried to brace myself against his shoulders, but my guesses had been completely accurate.

He was unbelievably big. It hurt like fucking hell. But it was some slice of heaven.

He was at least kind enough to be slow. As I gingerly allowed myself to be filled by him, lowering onto his massive cock, stretching me beyond what I believed possible, he stroked my cheek with one hand and gripped my ass with the other.

He whispered ‘good girl’, and ‘take it slow’. When I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he kissed me again and slid his fingers back to my magic button. I clenched, taking him in, deeper. I groaned, feeling him firmly planted against my bruised core, but each stroke of his fingers sent jolts through me, as though he were strumming an electric bass.

It was too much. My body hurt, having been wrecked, hours before. It should’ve rejected all pleasure. Instead, I was on fire. I needed to ride him and feel every, nasty inch of him moving in and out of me.

I began to rock and he groaned, rewarding me by slipping his other hand behind me and between my cheeks, pressing against my asshole. ”Yes, please!” I hissed, and he pushed his finger inside me.

I tossed my hair back and bounced up and down slowly until I felt my body making room for his complete length. When I felt myself sheathing him completely, I came again, hard. I bore down against the pressure, and sure enough, I rained all over him.

”Oh you nasty slut, did you just squirt all over me? Damn, you are as amazing as I thought you’d be! You must like being watched too…”

My eyes flew up, and I turned to see a short, bald garage security guy standing in the parking space twenty feet from my car, staring at us, through the passenger window. He was rubbing his crotch through his pants and it looked as though he’d been there a while.

Before the blush even filled my cheeks, Duane grabbed my hair and made me look at him. “Give him a good show, baby.”

He pulled me off, and pushed me to the floor while throwing open the car door to give the guard perfect line of sight to what Duane was about to make me do. ”Suck my cock, real good, and if our voyeur cums, I won’t sell you to anyone. You’ll be mine to have as I please, for the next few months, but I won’t make you be with anyone else.” I stared at him, stunned, until he added. “Hurry, Lex. You’ve only got till the sun comes up.”

I looked to the east side of the garage, behind the guard, and saw the sky brightening, quickly. I looked back at him, I could feel my cheeks flaming. As if oral sex with a massively endowed man weren’t hard enough, but he expected me to do it well AND look hot enough doing it to make some stranger blow his load? Just from watching?

I glanced back out at the guard and locked eyes with him. He licked his lips and nodded, hearing our conversation. God damn, this was humiliating. Really fucking hot, but… At least he wasn’t making me suck a strangers dick.

I grabbed Duane’s cock with both hands and started licking it like it was an ice cream cone. I added lots of moans, and gasps for the benefit of the guard. He had unzipped and was stroking his little thing like mad.

When I took the tip of Duane’s cock in my mouth, I looked up at him, and wondered why he’d ever need to blackmail anyone to get sex.

I wouldn’t have admitted it, but he was delicious. And the way he watched me… Fucking me with his eyes while I fucked him with my mouth. I completely forgot about the deal, and Sammy. I wanted his cum more than anything on earth. And being watched only made me want it more.

He grabbed the sides of my head, and started bucking his hips. I used my fingers to make up for three lack of depth to my throat. I tried hard not to gag, but was very glad my stomach was empty, because I was unsuccessful.

My saliva was dripping down my chin to his sack. I swirled my tongue around and around and pushed myself onto him further and further. I jerked the base of his cock and stroked his balls, rubbing my slippery spit back to his ass.

He started groaning and grunting, so I could tell he liked it. I heard our voyeur mutter, “Fuck, yes…” but didn’t look to see if he was already done. Duane spread his legs further and I slid my finger between his cheeks. “God damn…” He whispered, and I pushed against his ass. “God fucking damn.”

He let go of my head, and I sucked hard on the tip of his dick while I pushed my finger into his ass. In mere moments he was moaning and rocking, bucking and writhing, hissing and cursing.

I felt his cock throbbing against my tongue. I pressed my lips around him and used my hand to pump his shaft while I rotated my finger in his ass with the other hand. I could feel him resisting, which only made me more determined.

He was shaking, trembling, and growling, until he finally let go. Oh my, did he let go. Pulse after pulse of his sweet, thick semen shot down my throat. I sucked every drop and kept sucking until he stopped shaking.

He started laughing which startled me. I looked up at him and followed his line of sight while sitting back on my heels.

The guard was trying hard to clean his cum off the pavement with his handkerchief.

I didn’t think it was funny at all. Suddenly, I was even more humiliated. More than I’d ever felt in my life. I pulled myself out of the car, straightened my clothes and grabbed a bottle of water from the back seat.

“Please get out and let me go home now.” I couldn’t look at him or the guard. All I felt was guilt and regret.

He stood, pulling up his pants and staring at me, “It made you hot, before. Now, what? You feel violated?”

He stepped toward me, but I backed up. I was rubbing my lips, and felt like I would cry at any moment. He grabbed my hand, gently and took another step toward me. And when I looked up, into his eyes, there was no sneer at all.

“You did so good, little girl. Don’t be sad,” his gentle voice soothed me, but was confusing. “Come here,” he whispered and pulled me into his arms. “Good girl. You are amazing.” He stroked my hair and back.

Without thinking, I laid my head on his chest. I was so tired. “What is this, Duane? Why do you act like a prick when you have this other side? This guy could get any girl he wanted?”

“I’ve tried. But the asshole always shows up. The dog always gets loose. … And I like it. I feel powerful.”

I glanced up, expecting the leer, but found a weak smile instead. “Sweetness isn’t my strong suit.” He took a deep breath and held me out at arms length.

“Take me home with you, I’ll get you out of work, make you breakfast and, after you’ve slept, we’ll fuck the rest of the day away.” I couldn’t tell if he was asking me… Or telling me.

I looked down trying to decide what to say. “I don’t think I can fuck any more today… Physically…”

He laughed and I smiled up at him, before giggling a bit. “What would I tell Sammy? How would you get me out of work?”

“Oh, Lex,” he chuckled. “The things people never expect about the mail guy… I’ve got my ways. And Samuel won’t have a clue.”

As he folded me into the passenger seat, I contemplated what that meant…

And as he closed the door, and walked around to the drivers seat, I realized he had a whole story. Something gave him power that I didn’t understand. He didn’t just own my body that night, he ruled my mind.

But as he slipped into the car and grabbed the keys from my hand, he looked at me… With that leer. And everything evaporated. Again.

I was aroused all over again…

Humiliated by it…

And 100% his. Because of this power I didn’t understand.

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