Yes, lips on my wrist, the crook of my elbow, my shoulder, my breast…

(Why have you been away so long?)

Yes, fingers stroking then seeking, finally, yes, finally…

(My body has missed you, clearly.)

Yes, dirty girl, so wet and ready, you want to cum for me…

(I’m always ready, waiting, pleading, begging.)

Yes, please, yes, make me, yes, finally…

(So, so different from what my own fingers do.)

Yes, of course I’ll suck you, and fuck you…

(I offer, constantly. I’m here to be used!)

Yes, it’s been too long, it feels so good, you feel so good…

(Remember this, tomorrow? Remember that I never refuse you.)

Yes, husband, yes… finally, yes!

(I want to cum. I need to cum.)

Yes, cum for me again, dirty girl, cum for my cock…

(Oh, just say those words more, please…)

Yes. Yes, again. Yes, please. Yes, yes, yes!

Finally fucked.

(Thank you.)

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