Whispered thoughts
breath against your ear
tiny kisses on your neck
sweet sighs and silky moans

Arms spin and wrap around me
fingers slip inside my sweater
nips of my earlobe and jaw
pinching my tight, pink points

Growls about patience
whimpers of frustration
your grin against my neck
pleads for more met with a laugh

Pressing me into the island
flattening my hands against the counter
I feel your desire against my behind
cannot stop myself from writhing

Pushing my chest down to meet my hands
leaning over me until lips meet ear
grumbles about patience, again
then hand meets ass with force

Three blows, each side
hard enough to sting
but arousal wins you over
as you pull me back up by my hair

Fingers dip inside my jeans
sliding inside satin thong
the ribbon, you call it
and chuckle again

Hand in my hair
slides down to my throat
fingers exploring my slick folds
cut short by the voice of a child

Don’t worry sir, don’t fret
the seduction will continue
all day and every day
I will seduce the fucking hell out of you…

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