That beard

beard by 5ive2wo1ne via

I want to rub my cheeks against it.

I want to feel it tickle my neck, scratch my collarbone, caress my breasts, and torment my soft thighs.

I want to coat it with my liquid lust while you lick and suck your favorite, messy drink.

Once you’ve had your fill, and fill me with you, I want to hold your face against my breasts while you sleep, and run my fingers through that sexy beard, smelling myself within the strands.

When you wake, I’ll ask you to come with me. I’ll take your hand and lead you, giggling, into the bathroom. You’ll ask why it’s funny. I’ll turn and give you a shy smile. You’ll chuckle, and wrap your arms around me.

I’ll peel you off me, whispering my wishes against your beard. You’ll laugh again.

Whatever you want, little girl.

I’ll sit you down and wrap a towel around your shoulders. I’ll fill the sink with warm water before pushing you back against the vanity and straddling your lap.

I’ll wriggle, just slightly, luxuriating in the feel of your growing erection against my naked pussy.

I’ll lean, to dip my fingers in the water, and your lips will find my nipple.

I’ll moan, and wriggle some more, asking you to stop, to wait. Because I want this. And you need it

I’ll rub my dripping hands over your face and up into your neatly trimmed hair.

I’ll soak a face cloth in the warm water, and follow the path again and again. Until you are sighing, eyes closed, head tilting further back.

I’ll rub my favorite soap, the one that smells like cherries and amaretto, between my fingers until the delicious foam fills my hands.

I’ll rub it, gently, into your cheeks, chin and neck, your amazing beard building lather as I massage your sweet face in tiny circles.

When I scoop off some of the bubbles, and rub them into your hair, I’ll scratch your scalp lightly, and you’ll let out a soft moan, enticing me to persist.

Damn, those magic fingers…

I’ll add a bit more water, and caress my way back to your incredible beard. Circling, adoring, pleasuring. My hips will mimic my hands and soon, we’ll both be moaning.

I’ll rise up, and you’ll position your glorious manhood at my opening, so that I might sink down, sheathing you in that slippery heat that you create so easily.

Dipping the cloth in the warm water again, I’ll clench around you, giving a different massage. The kind that makes you growl and groan.

I’ll gently wipe the lather, rinsing and repeating until the suds disappear. Then, raising slightly to empty and fill the sink again, I’ll stroke you with your pussy, adding pleasure to pleasure, and then some.

After another few gentle swipes with the cloth, I’ll lean in to kiss your gorgeous lips, rocking against you, creating a rhythm between our bodies that will no longer be ignored.

I’ll direct my kisses across your jaw, burying my nose in your now, sweet smelling beard. I’ll nibble your ear and whisper so softly, that I want your cum… That I want to taste you.

I’ll climb off your lap, running my fingers once more through your yummy beard, and drop to my knees in front of you.

Between your legs, I’ll clean my salty, creaminess off of your amazing cock.

I’ll hum as your moans send my fingers to explore my own pleasure.

I’ll stroke your shaft while my tongue explores further south, tasting you in the most intimate ways imaginable.

I’ll slide my lips back up to the tip, taking the head in my mouth and swirling my tongue around and around until you grab my hair and push yourself deep into my throat.

I’ll suck and gag and swallow and gasp.

I’ll love every second of you fucking my mouth while I rub my engorged clit furiously.

When I feel your cock throbbing, I’ll pull back and stick out my tongue, wanting to feel those ropes of hot, white, cum, not just in my mouth, but on my face and breasts.

I’ll stroke you until the pulsing stops, and then I’ll scoop up your delicious elixir with my fingers, and lick them clean.

And when I’m done, and you smile down at me, telling me that I’m wonderful, I’ll giggle again, and give you that sweet, shy smile.

Erotic beard washing… Another talent, sweet girl.

Oh, yes. That beard.

And, I’ll do it again, whenever you want me to.

In case you missed it, this was inspired by an interesting search term that I posted about the other day. Yep. Erotic beard washing… Who knew?


Whispered thoughts
breath against your ear
tiny kisses on your neck
sweet sighs and silky moans

Arms spin and wrap around me
fingers slip inside my sweater
nips of my earlobe and jaw
pinching my tight, pink points

Growls about patience
whimpers of frustration
your grin against my neck
pleads for more met with a laugh

Pressing me into the island
flattening my hands against the counter
I feel your desire against my behind
cannot stop myself from writhing

Pushing my chest down to meet my hands
leaning over me until lips meet ear
grumbles about patience, again
then hand meets ass with force

Three blows, each side
hard enough to sting
but arousal wins you over
as you pull me back up by my hair

Fingers dip inside my jeans
sliding inside satin thong
the ribbon, you call it
and chuckle again

Hand in my hair
slides down to my throat
fingers exploring my slick folds
cut short by the voice of a child

Don’t worry sir, don’t fret
the seduction will continue
all day and every day
I will seduce the fucking hell out of you…