Ocean of Want


Your perfect kiss


Like a healing balm
Soothing hurt
Calming worries
Rejuvenating my heart.

Like a cool breeze
Clearing fog
Lifting clouds
Tranquilizing my mind.

Like the summer sun
Warming skin
Feeding growth
Energizing my soul.

Like my favorite confection
Melting sweetness
Swirling decadence
Solidifying my addiction.

Like flint and steel
Making sparks
Creating light
Setting me on fire.

Like an amazing drug
Heating blood
Electrifying nerves
Leaving me pleading for more.

Like the ultimate orgasm
Building breathlessly
Pulsing exquisitely
Sending me through myself, endlessly.

I love your kiss. Your perfect kiss.
Can I please have more?


Voluptuous Woman 2 (edited) by darsigu via Deviant Art.com

Do you see it? Feel it?
The glory it is to be a woman?

Silky skin
Sweet lips
Delicious curves
Inviting hips

Our bodies alone can render you speechless.

Can you hear it? Smell it? Taste it?
All the intoxicating loveliness of a female?

Sultry whispers
Vixen moans
Scent of lust
Salty folds

Our sexuality is difficult to ignore.

Do you sense it?
My pure, messy, luscious desire?

Filling your mind, consuming your thoughts, invading your dreams…

Want me,
Need me,
Be good to me…

You’ve got me.


The mess you left by cyanide mishka Via DeviantArt.com
The mess you left by cyanide mishka Via DeviantArt.com

Vacant eyes,
Parted lips,
Damp thighs,
Shifting hips.

Pull me in, by my stare, make me want you, oh I’m there.

Wild thoughts,
Wicked dreams,
Lurid visions,
Soundless screams.

Force me down, pull me up, make me beg you, you’re so tough.

Dark moments,
Hard pain,
Soft secrets,
Kisses rain.

Take me places, I don’t care, I’ll go with you, anywhere.

Hours pass,
Minutes press,
Every second,
I’m your mess.


More beautiful than ever before, I wait for you to take what is yours.

Aware of and in love with every
Curve, Bend, Fold, Point, and Dip, I silently will you to explore.

My wild but silky mane calls for your grip.

My soft and supple lips beg for your kiss.

The sweet smell of my skin beckons to be inhaled.

The tender flesh of my neck temps you to bite.

My tight peaked, heavy breasts long for your plying fingers.

My round, luscious ass bewitches you with its sway.

The length of my legs, perfect for wrapping around you.

The delectable, warm and wanton petals between them drip to be manipulated by you.

My nibble fingers, anxious to explore  your form.

My hungry mouth, desperate for a taste of your pleasure.

And the replete emptiness at my core cries out to be forced open and filled by you.

The perfection of my femininity should have you swimming in arousal.

And you will be, filled with desire and anticipation, every time you look at me.

I will make you want me.

I am resolute.


Whispered thoughts
breath against your ear
tiny kisses on your neck
sweet sighs and silky moans

Arms spin and wrap around me
fingers slip inside my sweater
nips of my earlobe and jaw
pinching my tight, pink points

Growls about patience
whimpers of frustration
your grin against my neck
pleads for more met with a laugh

Pressing me into the island
flattening my hands against the counter
I feel your desire against my behind
cannot stop myself from writhing

Pushing my chest down to meet my hands
leaning over me until lips meet ear
grumbles about patience, again
then hand meets ass with force

Three blows, each side
hard enough to sting
but arousal wins you over
as you pull me back up by my hair

Fingers dip inside my jeans
sliding inside satin thong
the ribbon, you call it
and chuckle again

Hand in my hair
slides down to my throat
fingers exploring my slick folds
cut short by the voice of a child

Don’t worry sir, don’t fret
the seduction will continue
all day and every day
I will seduce the fucking hell out of you…


There is so much ugliness in the world today. It overwhelms you, disgusts you and detracts from your perfection. 

I will be the beauty that diverts you from it. A muse to help you ruminate the delicacy of life.

With silky waves of gold and bronze, cascading around my soft, pale shoulders.

With cherry lips, curved in a pouty smile, and the curious tongue to wet them.

With clear turquoise eyes, that glimmer and shine, lined with curled lashes, entrancing you with my sultry wink.

With the sweet, pink blush that rises over my cheekbones, lighting my skin from within in my arousal.

With soft, heavy breasts peaked with velvety, pink pebbles, taught and begging for attention.

With the pleasant, hourglass shape of my frame, enhanced by my posture, as I own my femininity.

With strong, bare arms to control my delighting hands and gratifying fingers, all too eager to please and enchant.

With the curve and dip of my lower back, and glorious, round lift of my derriere, beguiling you with just a sway of my hip.

With the tapered, luscious thighs that beg to be parted, raising my calves on polished tip toe.

With the sweet, moist folds that divert all attention to the intoxicating pleasure which resides within my core.

I’ll stand before you, lips parted, glowing with desire, and impatient with need.

I won’t let the news keep you low, I will lift you up with my passion and lust.

I won’t let the world weigh on you, I will pluck it off with my love and kisses.

I won’t let the flaws of society hold you back, I will soothe and cover them with my devotion and affection.

Take in my naked loveliness and allow nature to take over.

Inhale the scent of my skin and allow your animal instincts to kick in.

Absorb my radiating arousal and allow attraction to course through you.

Touch me, feel me, kiss me, lick me, bite me, smack me, grab me, take me.

This is all that matters, you’ll see.

The delicacy after all, is me!