Crack open the moon
You’ll find me
Rubbing the glitter
Of twilight
Into my lips
Combing the shades
Of sunset
From my fur
Dancing to
The song of the
Crickets and frogs
In the grasses
Of lunar ecstacy
Find me
But leave my
Broken moon
Come rescue
This grey girl
From the cold
Hard loneliness
Of winter nights
Howling in the
Dark, or
Frosty spring mornings
Shivering in the
Let us walk along
The edge of reason
The shores of logic
The bridges over
The sultry purple
Sky of dusk
Reminds us
Always comes
And the future
Could be
Far brighter
That feral feeding
We call
Our moon

No you

No fingertips sliding over my skin this morning
No palms smoothing, admiring, awakening my curves
No breath at my ear, raising chills across my neck
No whispers of my dreams or your wonderings
No lips kissing away the ache
No tickles, or giggles, or squirming away as you chase me
No hand to hold while we wander or find adventure
No arm to wrap around me, to hold me, to keep me, to make me
No body to curl myself into in desperate moments like this, when I need it… when I need you

No touch to quell the loneliness
Loneliness that’s undiminished by a crowd of interest or the beauty of a constant and relentless life

I’m lonely for you.
Yes, you
Only you

I have
No you
Lonely Morning by mjagiellicz via


Flame of Lust by cygon via

Pressed against you
Pale, supple softness against
Hot, dark, rigid heft
I am small, pliable, vulnerable
Stretched and shaped
For your pleasure
My want knows no limit
The fear that
Flickers behind my eyes as
Broad, rough hands
Delicate wrists
Binding me
Without bondage
Sniffing and growling
Like a beast with his prey
I search the eyes of a man
Burning with anticipation
As I find myself crushed
By an animal instead
I could plead for gentility
But I want the
Of your lust
I long to be burned
To pieces
Put back together
By desire so heady
It is almost insane
Rip me to shreds
Sweet beast
Toss me into the
Fire of your love
Wrapped in
And reverence
Then watch me
Step from your bed
Charred forever
Changed completely
Just promise
To leave
Any little part


There is a dam
I long to tear down
The wall
Holding back a river
Of tears
That want nothing
But to be free

When they
Overflow outside
Of the lonely
Of the shower
Or my kitchen sink
In the wee hours
Before dawn
Or muffled in the
Of my pillow

Their escape is met only by

I ache for a reason
Good enough
To let them flow
Pain that will strip me
Of the defense
That keeps them hidden
Which might allow me
To actually feel
To fully feel

To openly feel

Tie me up
Take my will
Tear me to pieces

Set my tears

So that I may finally
Be me

No Wait

Wait by jeylina via
Wait by jeylina via


A breath, a moment, the turn of a page

That is the longest you should ever

Have to wait

There is no spell to be broken

No seduction necessary

I am yours

Seconds, minutes, hours

Sewn together into pillows

And whisper soft curtains

Tied off with satin bows

Beneath bright, shining strings

Of dreams

And plans

Glowing with such intensity that

Your fingertips burn

From the longing

Trace the stars into my skin

Kiss that promise

Against my flesh

Mark my body with your will

Your want, your need

Feel me falling over and over and over…

Because Love doesn’t wait

I am yours

In The Story where

I can write only with

My lips, tongue and hunger

I don’t have time for anything else

Just take me

In the sun, on Your bed, in this palace

Of a king…

With the conviction of your purpose

The knowledge that tomorrow

Always comes

And the patience to accept me as I am

Tell me, show me, command me

I am yours

No wait

Under the water


Going Under by ValentinaWhite via
Going Under by ValentinaWhite via

Streams carving patterns
Along curves and creases
I clutch at the edge
The smooth, hard reality
Cool against my cheek
As your fingertips
Press bruises
Into the line of my hip
And your other hand
Wraps itself in the
Long, Red Strands

of me

Good girl

Let me drown in the
Current of you
Make me lose my grip
On the edge
And reason
Push me past that point
That I’ve never
Been able to cross
Douse the fire
And watch it burn, eternal
Empty me
As you empty yourself

into me


The Dress

Taffeta folds and layers
Fall to the floor
Peppered with shining
Beads of glass
And crystal
Altered and tailored
To hug my curves
Cradle my shape
In that perfection
I feel the ease
Of being yours
Sexy woman
But also
Just a sweet
Little girl
Playing dress up
Making memories
From hearts and flowers
The dance floor is
My playground
And I am magical
In your eyes
In my sparkling
Gossamer wings
As you pull me close and
The music
Your arms
The atmosphere
And love
Envelopes me
I feel the breath of life
In the whisper
Of your want
Against my mane
Of full, fiery hair
And the abandon
Of surrender
As you
Tell me your plans
For that dress
It’s your playground
After all
My feminine armor
Tell me
What you plan to do
To me
Now that you’ve freed me
By clipping
My wings