Painted Hearts


Pressing into my skin
Like painted hearts
Kisses making promises

For a tomorrow
Filled with Technicolor
Moments from a dream

The soft lips I know
Better than my own
Peppering me in love

No fantasy needed,
Only the simplicity
Of two bodies merging

My submission a mere
Reflection in this window
Looking out upon the future

Tingling gooseflesh and
Bubbling warmth guide me
To overwhelming satisfaction

Every moment spent
Between giggles and sighs
A blessing to us both

The chasing and coaxing
Unnecessary, but delightful
Beneath these bedsheets

As I thrash against the very
Thing I always wanted
But never knew

And I am filled so completely
Full, my body gushes
With the immensity

The intensity
Of an experience I’ve
Unknowingly been deprived

And as I return to myself
Emptied of you
I am filled with Bliss

This soul gripping joy
Is the truth I’ve been seeking
Remind me again

Remind me
With your kiss



Image found on Tumblr, no original source found.

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