Hold On

I’ll never let you go by pippimuckel via DeviantArt.com

the world will never
stop spinning
but the drug of your touch
the courage of your will
might anchor me
keep my soul
from being pulled into
those dark clouds
let my toes find the sand
my fingers tangle the sheets
burn my breath away
with the fire of your kiss
you cannot create
but want me
love me
need me
and you may calm the
storms that carry me
help me find order
within our perpetual chaos
show me
that normalcy
can be vibrant
hold me tight without clinging
know that I am
because of your playful
touches and your
brilliant mind
your gaze that elicits
effervescent joy
from somewhere inside
that I cannot name
your delicious kisses
and strong, warm arms
your level patience
and deep, willful
for only that which would
hold us all up
safe above the
cost to your own desires
I am yours
because you let me be
and tonight
hold onto me
I will show you
gratitude beyond dreams
for this reality
is better
than any

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