.The baby sky III. by viviluong
.The baby sky III. by viviluong via

by life’s winged lovers
singing breathlessly
into the brutal morning
my soul pressed
to the sky
I dip my fingers
in the soft froth
tentative with it’s dusky chill
but magic extends beyond
and the scorching
electricity of
the storm within me
warms the clouds
so they may weave
into a blanket fort
of the heavens
unencumbered by
time, this eternal
I once believed to be
filled with dust
sparkles and swirls
with sanded sugar
minutes and hours
glittering softly
as the sun begins
to filter through
my makeshift canopy
I feel tomorrow
alive and kicking
like a newborn babe
yesterday’s child
a chance to start
born without the pain
of memory
beguiled by the
beautiful world
beneath its feet
she knows nothing
of my savagery
or grace
so i pick her up
rock her, swaddle her
soothe her
I will be different
with this day
a kinder, gentler keeper
of time
for the sake of
all of those tomorrows
yet to come

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