Two directions by zardo via

A wide path, safety and warmth
Carried me deep into myself
But the narrow road
Tempted the wild wanderer
Deep into the woods
Towards the sunset
Even down, into the earth

A girl with a dark heart
Doesn’t follow
The yellow brick road
She seeks the edges of oblivion
The adventure, the danger
All the stinging sweetness
Of pain and control

I never wanted the security
I needed the wild
So I snuck off the path
And fell into a hole
I couldn’t climb free
I couldn’t go back

Discovery gave me direction
Forced me out of hiding
Back to the fork
In my road
The decision
Which no one could ever make
For me

I brought lightning down
All around me
Boiling the very blood
Of everything on both paths
Burned down my woods
And my pretty house
The end of everything
Maybe even me

But you sat it the rubble
And showed me how we could
Pick up the pieces
And craft a whole new world

Bigger, tighter, brighter, darker

Give up the moon
Watch the sunrise
Find purpose
In the middle of chaos
Could this compare
To the blanket fort
In my dreams?
In my hiding hole?
In my soul?

The gold & diamonds
Resting silently on my hand
Makes the decision for me
As it whispers in your voice


So here I am, sorting through the rubble
Crafting a sculpture
From our past
Making something pretty
From all this ugliness
Finding my words again
Even as I know
They will hurt

As much as they help


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