awake before dawn
searching for the list
her bullet point set of
the day cannot
without that list
from him

scrolling through
reading each point
with her lips
not simply her mind
the weight of life
it’s thousand and one
pared down into
the manageable mass
of a simple
sheet of paper
a recipe
for a perfect day

years of failed attempts
on memo pads
and fancy notebooks
all intended to simplify
but each
laughing, mocking, humiliating
between the lines of
failure and defeat

but with his
a gift she had eagerly
these lists created by
fill each moment with
a chance
to please
an assignment
to ace
an opportunity
to succeed

she smiles at #8
and reads them
then again
filled with the pleasure
of accepting
his will
and surrendering
her own
submitting to the
and squirming beneath
the ache of it
obedience is as much
a drug
as power is

and she folds the list
slipping it sweetly
into her bra
and moves around her
with the sweet kiss
and firm smack
of being loved
by the only person
who’s ever truly

then reciting #1

it’s always

remember that you are
and that



8 thoughts on “instructions

      1. I’m going to a munch tomorrow (I’m assuming you know what that is?) and I’ve love to share it with people there. It shows such a simple, innocent yet pertinent side of the psychological power exchange. I just love it.

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      2. Absolutely. People often focus on the BDSM side of D/s, but sometimes this kind of stuff is the most important part of that dynamic (not that I’m any kind of expert at all, I just read a lot and have my little fantasies).

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thankyou! In my opinion, this is the stuff that should be focused on. Not that I’m one to kink shame, d/s is so broad. For me it’s 24/7 and I’ve lived it for years. He does indeed leave me a list everyday, I couldn’t cope without it! Though sometimes I’m not such a good girl at following it lol. I hope you can find someone to make your fantasies reality someday, but until then i can’t wait to read more.

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  1. It’s odd but understandable really.

    Again and again I’ve seen/heard comments like this from those in good relationships. (Doubly true for those with a “little” sprinkling.) These aren’t notes to “Be ready at 9!”, they are notes that organize the day, calm the extraneous noise and keep the little one calm and on task. They provide structure and a reminder of Love’s guidance. They are a connection and accounting within one. I think that more should use them wisely.

    For all the thousands of words I’ve read on the topic however, these stand out as they are beautiful and to the point with the images they convey.

    Well done ma’am.

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  2. Always a pleasure.

    I’ve tried to create a few free moments recently to get the noise in my life in order and to mentally regroup. Coming back here and finding beautiful words like yours gave me the space I needed. You are the provider and deserve my thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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