Her Song

Don't Stop by devilicious via DeviantArt.com
Don’t Stop by devilicious via DeviantArt.com

In his Carhartt jacket
Broad shoulders
Tall but unmeasured
Ruddy skin from
Working outside
In the blazing heat
And the cutting cold
Three days of scruff
Dirt lingering beneath
His fingernails
Despite showers
Every morning
And each night
Sitting on the street
In his
F150, extended cab
On his way to
Pick up his crew
For a day of
Hard labor
Little reward
He sits at a stoplight
With a CD in his player
No one else
It plays on
It plays that song
Her song
As he imagines all the
They will never share
All the times that they
Laughed, cried, fought
Made love
Ached for one another
Promised to never
Her smile in the dark
Her fingers in the light
Her sitting next to him
Toes on the dash
Drawing out a future
In kisses and laughs
He stares ahead
In the hour before dawn
At the light telling him
To go
But he stops and
How he got there
Singing along
To that silly song
Her song
And when will

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