There is a moment almost every day when the sun rises above the horizon and the light is purer than any other time of day. In that heart beat, time means nothing. It’s a breath that is more than beauty. It is food for the soul. And whenever I am granted the peace and freedom to bask in my precious sunrise, I stretch out my arms and let that moment nourish me. Because if you can find the things that wake you up from the inside out, you revel in them. Always.

2 thoughts on “Nourish

  1. It has been said (to paraphrase) that great minds speak of ideas and simple ones of people. A great mind directed me to you based on the quality of your work. They were right.

    You make an excellent point here. Shame so many now look to a screen for fulfillment while the work of the world’s greatest artisan goes largely unnoticed. Pity.

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