There is a moment almost every day when the sun rises above the horizon and the light is purer than any other time of day. In that heart beat, time means nothing. It’s a breath that is more than beauty. It is food for the soul. And whenever I am granted the peace and freedom to bask in my precious sunrise, I stretch out my arms and let that moment nourish me. Because if you can find the things that wake you up from the inside out, you revel in them. Always.


branches by Stephan Pot via The Film Diaries
branches by Stephan Pot via The Film Diaries

In the blank space left at the end, after a life of beauty and delight, this is all one can expect.

No longer bright and supple, no fragrance left to entice, all that was is withered.

Yet there is still grace in the husk which remains. Elegance in fragility. Pricelessness in leavings.

When you notice that which many overlook, fascinated in lifes failings, adoring that which is rejected…

You can expect to be one of the cherished as the rest are cast aside.

You will not wither, but become the enchanter for someone new.

You will not wither, but outlive those that do, in your pulchritude.

You will not wither, but will be cherished in your aged perfection and transcendence.

So while you are still lithe and vivid,

See the world through unending vision.

And experience

With me


Thank you Stephan for allowing me to use your art as inspiration!!