The Blizzard by dyingrose24 via
The Blizzard by dyingrose24 via

She will steal your breath
Facing all unafraid
The power behind her frailty
Assumes a beauty
Found only
In sparkling, white crispness

Out of the wonderland
Sometimes rage
Defies reason
As she creates
The Blizzard
To prove her prestige

A storm like no other
Chilling and fear inducing
But with a purity
Not found in thunder
Lightning or even
Cleansing, torrential rain

The light inside her
Can sometimes be blinding
You cannot stare too long
You dare not breathe her in
You will not outlast her
Sweet Winter

Her fierceness
Will defy the strength
Of man
While her peacefulness
May invite pleasures
Unknown by too many

In her coldness
You will find warmth
In her grace
You will find foulness
In her design
You will find uninhibited chaos

Sweet, fierce winter
Often underestimated
Rarely coveted
But always
And forever
Picturesque and appreciated.



19 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Let loose the winter from within and all about, oh how wild does she breathe , my thought, you bring her to life in a sense to the way she opens and closes a curtain in a wall-less space to her time, where her calm and her wild rest together at times, head to head and in other moments head to toes. She, her world is one most certainly a world of duality, then perhaps, all her siblings are just a little bit too.

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