Heart of Gold

Everyone said she had a heart of gold. Which made sense, because it got stolen constantly.

There was also magic in her heart. Magic and light that was coveted by some.

Having a heart of gold made her give it fairly freely, though. Passing it off with the sweet smile of naivety. When it was returned, sometimes it was polished to glowing beauty by a vital connection that only humans are blessed with. Friendship and love fed her pretty heart, making it glitter with possibility.

But sometimes, it was not returned in the condition it was given. And eventually, her golden heart was dented and tarnished, the magic dulled and became unnoticeable.

It seemed to her that no one would want it anymore. It was so damaged and broken, seemingly useless.

She brought it to him anyway, lowering her gaze as she placed it in his waiting hands. And when she looked up, she saw that he was smiling. The kind of smile reserved for things that are precious and perfect. The kind of smile that heals and renews.

He folded his hands around her banged up heart and pulled it to his chest. He replaced it with his own, gleaming brightly and handed it to her, while holding his other palm over her old tattered heart, and whispering gently…

I don’t know why you took it away,
But this is where it’s meant to stay.
Now, I’m giving MY heart to you.
Be a good girl, don’t let it get bruised.

Now, tasked with the responsibility of protecting her new heart from theft or damage, she worked hard to find the perfect people who wouldn’t steal her heart, but help her defend it. And in the soft, pale light of the rising moon, she would take it out and show it to him. The one man who would never steal her heart without giving his own for collateral.

Each night, she noticed, as he offered her a glimpse of her heart, that it wasn’t so damaged any longer. It glowed a bit more and the magic was starting to sparkle once again.

Perhaps he was mending her battered old heart.

Something she swore he would never have to do again.

Gold heart by Nicolette11 via DeviantArt.com
Gold heart by Nicolette11 via DeviantArt.com

29 thoughts on “Heart of Gold

  1. Ah, lovely Mel. I always love a piece of favored jewelry with a bit tarnish and denting on it. It shows that it has been worn, shared and traveled, rather than hidden away. Maybe that it what actually happened to your dented heart — it needed to be shared… XO


      1. Yea. I’m not so much feeling lonely. I’m just alone and I have a narcissistic ex husband who I have to deal with alone. It’s just so tiring. Read my rant post from earlier.

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