My Reality

My side of the bed is warm and toasty, take all the blankets you need.

The light from my phone is not what woke you, but you feel free to keep ignoring my tears.

The words I share with you in those tiny notes I leave for you were ripped from my soul, but don’t worry about acknowledging them.

My hiding is part of our problem, but your inability to hear me is a bigger one.

So, I’ll do what I want. I’ll chose what I think is best. I’ll let you submit to me.

But don’t be surprised when the light leaves my eyes. And you’re left with YOUR reality.

9 thoughts on “My Reality

  1. My side of the bed is warm, toasty from my body’s heat
    Take all the bedding and blankets that you feel you need
    The light from my phone is not what woke you
    Feel free to keep ignoring my tears, the words I shared
    Those tiny notes I left were ripped from my soul laid bare
    But don’t worry about acknowledging my unease
    My hiding is part of our problem; your inability to hear is bigger
    Yes I’ll do what I want, choose what I think is best: I’ll let you submit to me
    So don’t be surprised when the light leaves my eyes and you’re left with YOUR reality.

    hope that you don’t mind if I spent 30 min spinning the words around a bit; hows the saying go: ‘garbage in-garbage out’. Now I have to get out and smell some fresh air, munch some greens, etc.

    billygoat gruff


  2. I say don’t throw them away; I have a stack of index cards and legal pads with bits of stories that can always be used as a scene in another. A stanza or even a couplet in a stale, unfinished poem that might seem like a dead end somewhere down the road could be the germ or spark for something new and fresh.
    Plus I never stop editing, rewriting, reworking; every time I open a piece – tap, tap, tap, … delete… synonyms … shorten paragraphs … remove repetitive words etc. It looks different after a couple of months. So maybe print it, let set in a box for a while and then take it out on a rainy day with a couple of colored pens and parse it.
    And I hope you didn’t take offence to the “g-in g-out”comment, it was a jokey remark referring back to your garbage/trash comment, I should have put a smiley face or slapped a lol but the goat is not savvy in the ways of screen communicating as you youngsters. Anyway I am glad I have found your blog and am enjoying reading through the archives.


    1. I appreciate the time you’ve invested in my words! Too be honest, I was taken aback… I was a bit offended. But a wonderful and very influential friend pointed out that I should be flattered, not offended.

      And certainly now, after your other comments this evening and the time you’ve spent sifting through my collection… Well, I’m very flattered.

      And trust me, screen communication is not an easy foray to master! Speaking your thoughts in a comment box is very difficult! It is a task I seldom take on, myself!


      1. I’m terrible at accepting criticism… this specific personality flaw has prevented me from finishing and publishing my novel, because I’m so scared of criticism, despite plenty of people telling me I’m good enough. Despite some of the most important people in my world encouraging it. I am, perhaps, more “delicate” than I’d like to be! Lol!


      2. I am to have cleared the air. I must say that not necessarily all of the stories are my exact cup of tea; I personally find the male sadist often an offensive character. But I enjoy the voice that I hear which often sings from the mind of the women in your stories.


      3. I would be surprised if everyone liked my sadist… Not everyone enjoys pain, or the thought of a sweet, strong woman being dominated. But, I’m all about pushing limits, obviously. 😉 I’m thrilled that you found something enjoyable at all in my words. Thank you.


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