Cloud Hearts You by daria-zaytseva via
Cloud Hearts You by daria-zaytseva via

Clouded, By the gifts I’ve given myself.

Clouded, By the unanswered wishes of a little girl.

Clouded, By the rewards of being a sensual, adult woman.

Clouded, By the fire that yearns to consume, completely.

Clouded, By love that is too big to be contained.

Clouded, By a broken heart and it’s infinite rage.

Clouded, By the gifts of life’s blessings, undeserved.

Clouded, By dreams that infect me with their meaning.

Clouded, By my own escape plan, repeatedly.

Clouded, By sweetness that His heart bleeds into mine.

Clouded, By a future that beckons me forward.

Clouded, By the poison that threatens me…

No. Clouded, No more.

Cleared, By the Love that was always meant to be.

The storm holds no threat for me, any longer.

But is it too late?

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