Inside his mind

I have never wanted to climb inside
Another person’s mind
Until you.

I want to slip inside your dreams
So that I might make them
Come true.

I wish I could see every dark thought
Shape and mold myself
To them.

I long to use that magic you create
Inside my heart
On them.

I ache to be the light in your mind
To shine in those deep corners
And see.

I need to snuggle against your fantasies
So that in them,
I can be.

I pray that if I could just see your desire
I could make myself
To be.

I have never wanted to climb inside
But now I do
Let me?

9 thoughts on “Inside his mind

    1. Hmmm… It might be fun, the mystery, once you are at a place where you feel like you understand each others deepest needs and desires. (I’m not there…)


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