All is right with the world


When we are touching, all is right with the world.

When your delicious lips soothe mine,
When your heavenly beard tickles my neck,
When your fingers glide over my flesh,
Like you’re memorizing me,
All is right with the world.

When you grip me tightly,
When you pin me or tell me to be still for you,
When you nip and bite all of those places that drive me wild,
And keep me present, simultaneously,
All is right with the world.

When your palm slides over my soft, round cheeks,
When my body ignites with anticipation,
When my mind spins and swirls,
Anxious for you to begin,
All is right with the world.

When that first strike lands,
When you smooth out the fire,
When each blow is that perfect combination of pleasure and pain,
Which sends me flying into space,
All is right with the world.

When you decide I’ve had enough,
When you take more pleasure with expert fingers,
When I attempt to have yours,
In my hands, mouth, and between my breasts,
All is right with the world.

When we collapse, our tryst tangled bodies pulsing,
When you hold me longer than usual,
When you whisper sweet things,
That make me giggle and swoon.
All is right with the world.

When we wake to a new day,
When you kiss me in your perfect way,
When I know that this feeling will remain,
Because I am yours, forever.

All is right with the world, Sir.

23 thoughts on “All is right with the world

  1. My favorite thing about my sir’s touch is exactly what you say about losing yourself and being completely present. He has no real idea still the power that he wields in those moments. I crave those times of being completely without chaotic thought.


    1. I think because men honestly don’t experience the whirlwind of thought that we do, they are baffled why we feel like NOT thinking is the best thing in the world!!

      I also like it when my every thought is centered on him. That also seems to clear my mind.


      1. I bet that’s true for most men. They don’t get spun up in their minds. It’s especially hard for me because I balance so many responsibilities at work. I can’t shut off my mind and I’m scared to ask him for help. Dumb, but still true. I WANT to be soley focused on him more so I can shut down the other side of me that controls and carries the weight of the world.


  2. Very poetic, very lovely. Mmmmm. Loved that line: “When that first strike lands,
    When you smooth out the fire” I know exactly that feeling! Writing poetry has never been my strong suit, and I’m so in awe of those who can!


    1. Aw, thank you DD. What you write is just as good, just different. I think, when I try to write the real life stuff like you that I make little sense. I don’t organize my thoughts as well as you.


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