She longs to disappear, to the ocean, to the coast. Let salty air cleanse her weary heart. Feel the fine sand soothe her broken soul. Allow the tepid water to wipe her troubled mind. Send her spirit into the white capped waves, to escape.

She dreams of being free, nothing to tether her to this world or the next. Nothing making demands of her, no responsibilities to consider, no expectations to manage, no one to hurt her…

But no one to love.

Runaway… Run back home. Be loved. Be present. Be real.

5 thoughts on “Runaway

  1. Oh girl, how your words touch me so….
    Runaway for a little while and then come home. Refreshed ready to love again…


  2. I know that feeling all to well. Such a blessing to escape.
    I felt this very much cara’Mel
    Beautiful words as usual.
    Sending you hugs, howls and face licks


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