Day 340 by ErinBird via Deviant

Be what I need you to be
See what I want you to see
Say what I think you should say
Hurt when I want you to pay

This is not who I really am, your mind is definitely not my lamb.

Give when I tell you to give
Live where I need you to live
Like what I think you should like
Stay when you want to take flight

I don’t want to be this way, your heart is not where i want to play.

Don’t listen when I scream
Be brave when I am mean
See through me when I’m unclear
Take my love, leave your fear

I must stop this wicked game, manipulation is insane.

I am not that kind of witch, I swear I’m not a controlling bitch.

I am not a manipulator, in your will is where I find favor.

I will leave my demands on the floor,
If tomorrow… I can still be yours.

If, forever,
I can still be yours.


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